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  1. someone here says headphones are working http://forums.msiwind.net/mac-f32/working-...wind-t1226.html
  2. ok so only sound has to be fixed, btw what happens if you put it to sleep and remove the battery?
  3. im also still interested in buying one but but can you run office (3documents), firefox with several tabs, adium/skype and maybe a torrent program, all at once while it stays responsive? or does it slow down a bit , what is the weakness? how much or what do you run until it gets laggier (i asked this before but didnt get a good answer)
  4. http://wind-osx86.wikispaces.com/10.5+Post-Installhere someone says wifi works with http://www.ralinktech.com.tw/data/drivers/..._2008_03_13.dmg does it?
  5. how does this system run with firefox (10tabs), MS2007 Word, excel (2documents) and skype for example? does it feel laggy? or is there no difference in speed
  6. im thinking of buying a dell 1310, should it be possible to get it fully working with a x3100 videocard? is the shutdown problem only for the nvidia cards?
  7. yes thats also what i asked before and how about putting tiger on it?
  8. i'm more worried about the sound, since you can't replace it @happycar, can you maybe test how youtube works on wind?
  9. i saw the youtubes, leopard looks good, but is it smooth enough for everyday use (MSoffice, internet..)or can you see a clear difference in speed/responsiveness to the macbooks? is tiger maybe better?
  10. does the battery indicator also work?
  11. im curious if this will work in the end -gma950 under tiger/leopard -sleep -speedstep? -wifi if thats possible, then apple will have a strong competitor i think