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  1. Input Remapper future

    Hi Beliyaal, whats the status?
  2. When is 1.05 coming out?

    any news??
  3. The Great Driver Hunt

    Bootcamp 2.0 drivers from 10.5 (for XP and Vista) http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=71519
  4. Apple IR Interface

    try this http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...2&hl=Mac+ir
  5. Bootcamp Drivers Leopard

    perfect thanks!
  6. When is 1.05 coming out?

    so when? Any updates?
  7. Any updates regarding Mac IR ? Do you've got a new Version available?
  8. hi, the play_pause button doesn't work very well.. in media center it changes between the last two channels and tries to pause/play when i click the pause button. could you switch this behavior? (short - play pause / long return)
  9. Hi, it happens only when i close the lid and the system goes into standby. after waking up the screen is grained or screwed.. if i reboot vista everything is fine again. ...
  10. Seems no one got the prob...
  11. Hi, yes and if you change the power management to save energy it's just working as you've got power plugged in.. So the book is using more energy and the battery won't last longer... ACPI maybe.. have a nice weekend!
  12. Hi, another question is, if there is a solution why vista does not recognize the battery mode if no power plug inserted.. When i insert the powerplug und remove it again it is recognized.. But why not after reboot and without powerplug?
  13. Hi, i've got problems with the screen when i wakeup my mbp from standby. In Vista the screen is grained vertically.. Does anyone have the same problem? Is there any solution out there? Thanks for any replies!
  14. Hi, but the apple driver isn't as good as this driver! Especially with the modded macir.exe...
  15. Input Remapper 1.0.02 Beta

    Hi, no changes after restarting the service..