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  1. Version 1063 works on 10.7.4, too.
  2. Eventually, I had enough courage to flash my ASUS P5Q with the BIOS 2102 modded by Juzzi. I feared that my computer will become a dead brick. It didn't. Osx86 works now great with two cores. But this is not something available for everybody, so I suggest to contact the person who developped XXX and ask what driver he used, which allows booting osx86 with multiple cores, aliased as CPU1, CPU2, etc.
  3. Well, I appreciate your efforts to modify the BIOS, but since I've flashed dead some computers in the past, I won't work with a modded BIOS. I could not recover them. Imho, the problem is neither the BIOS nor the kernel (I have iATKOS v7 working with a vanilla kernel and cpus=1 at boot prompt), but it is some driver, perhaps the ACPI driver. I say this because XXX Final (not V2) booted ok with both cores, without requiring a cpus=1 option. So, XXX has some driver in it which fixes the problem with multiple cores, requiring neither a modded BIOS nor a cpus=1 option at boot prompt. Unfortunately, the developer of XXX stopped with developping it. I couldn't get XXX v2.
  4. Hi, I tried uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3 on the following configurations: - AMD Ahtlon64 3800+ with NForce MCP61 chipset (Asrock ALive NF6G-DVI mobo, firm 2.10), 1 GB DDR2/667MHz; - AMD Athlon XP 3200+ with VIA KT600 chipset (Asus A7V600-X mobo, firm 1.09), 1 GB DDR/333 MHz; - AMD Athlon XP 2200+ with VIA chipset (W6330VMS, firm 3.6), 512 MB RAM; None of them booted ok. I also tried booting with -x and -F switches -- no success either. E.g., one of the faults was: hi mem tramps at 0xffe00000 PAE enabled non-INTEL boot process standard timeslicing quantum is 10000 us vm_page_bootstrap: 255011 free pages mig_table_max_displ = 71 Local APIC version not 0x14 as expected Enabling XMM register save/restore and SSE/SSE2 opcodes ACPI CA 20051117 [debug level=0 layer=0] AppleACPICPU: ProcessorApicId=0 LocalApicId=0 Enabled PASSED! ... maximum protection of commpage set ALL Copyright, bla, bla, bla using 5242 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers IOAPIC: Version 0x03 Vectors 023 ACPI: System State [s0 S4 S5] (S0) ACPI: Button driver prevents system sleep Apple16X50ACPI1: Identified Serial Port on ACPI Device=UAR1 panic (cpu0 caller 0x001A3129): Unresolved kernel trap (CPU 0, Type 6=invalid opcode), registers: CR0 0x8001003b CR2: 0x29ed8000 CR3: 0x00ebc000 CR4: 0x000006e0 EAX: 0x29ed9010 EBX: 0x00000007 ECX: 0x00004055 EDX: 0x004b1038 CR2: 0x13d43dd8 ESI: 0x0262b000 EDI: 0x0262b000 EFL: 0x00000000 EIP: 0x29ed29ca CS: 0x29ed69b4 DS: 0x00000010 Debugger called: <panic> Backtrace Format - Frame: Return Address: (4 potential args on stack) 0x13d43c18: 0x128d1f, bla, bla, bla Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies): com.apple.driver.AppleUSBEHCI(2.6.1)@0x29ec7000 dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOUSBFamily(2.6.1)@0x029d7f000 dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily(2.1)@0x23f93000 com.apple.iokit.IOUSBFamily(2.6.1)@0x29d7f000 Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 8.8.1: Sat Dec 9 22:18:27 AZOT 2006; semthex:/nebukadnezar/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386