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  1. No dice. Recloned from my original 10.10 SSD, booted off USB (works fine), installed Clover, copied over kexts, config, dsdt/ssdt from USB, rebooted and same as above. Clover GUI identifies the 6870 correctly (name and deviceid) but GUI still looks 8bit, no apple loading screens and only shows the top corner of each monitor when it gets to the login screen. Can't figure out how it works off the USB, but not when booting from the SSD.
  2. Yes. I booted off the USB, installed 10.10.1 and Clover to the SSD and then tried to boot from it. I'll reclone from my original with 10.10 and try it again. See what happens Thanks
  3. Just changed over to Clover and have no problems booting off the USB, but after installing Clover on the SSD (using the same settings as the USB) and booting with it, I have graphics issues. 1. The Clover GUI looks like 8bit 2. There are no Apple loading screens; just goes black after Clover GUI, and then to login screen 3. Login screen only shows in about a 6"x6" square in the upper right corner of each monitor and has artifacting. The rest of the monitors' space is black. 4. I can log into OSX, and it looks to be operating ok, except of the above problem. Note that I am still using BIOS, but dont think that's the cause since I can boot fine off the USB. This is on a Z68XP-UD3 and a XFX 6870. The card is recognized in the Clover GUI when booting off the SSD, just doesnt act like it does. Checking/unchecking Inject ATI, setting framebuffer, setting deviceID and GUI resolution dont seem to do anything. Any ideas?
  4. G5 Mod - Cutting, but no JBWeld

    I got most of the hardware at an Ace, but used Bolt Depot for the things I couldn't get there. http://www.boltdepot.com/Product-Details.aspx?product=4382 Mounting up front is pretty easy, just need to rewire the stock connector to Molex, and flip the fans in the enclosure.
  5. G5 Mod - Cutting, but no JBWeld

    Just a few final pics of this build. Reoriented the PSU to have the fan point toward the front, and made a new bracket to mount it. Just a piece of 3/4" aluminum angle. Also rewired and mounted the stock G5 fans up front. Flipped the fans so they draw in air, so needed 1 1/4" screws to hold them to the mount.
  6. G5 Mod - Cutting, but no JBWeld

    I used "carpet tape" to reattach the grey G5 cable clip. Just cut it to shape after sticking to the clip, then removed the backing and stuck it in place. Seems to be sticking well, and is removable.
  7. If you have a good steel rule (preferably calipers), a drill / bit set, a Dremel (or similar) with cutoff off wheels (the EZ Lock cutoff wheels work much better than the "reinforced" ones), a straightedge and some patients you can do it very easily. A Mountain Mod MB tray fits using the existing standoffs so you don't have to mess with epoxy. Original optical drive standoffs work, as does the hard drive bay (just needs to be relocated). Main thing if you are going to cut the case, measure two or three times and take your time. You'll need to cut the back of the case, the back metal plate from the MB tray and the drive partition panel. All are straight line cuts. If you want to curve the MB tray plate on the back, just drill a .5" hole so the edges of the circle line up with straight lines. Use an abrasive cloth for polishing metal to ease all the edges after cutting. Something to clean the end of copper pipes works great. This is just one technique. Browse through the board, there are a lot of people that have modded a G5 case, and no two seem to be the same.
  8. G5 Mod - Cutting, but no JBWeld

    The PSU there works pretty well. The unused cables are in front, and the power cable runs under the lip where the side panel sits into the socket. I had a dead Cinema Display brick that I removed the socket, fits great. Use a 90deg power cable to reduce the overall width of the unit. Used adhesive backed cable clips to route everything and modified the original front i/o cable bracket to route the AlohaCab i/o cable (which is great by the way).
  9. Just a few pics to show modding a G5 case with a Mountain Mod MB tray using the existing standoffs. Didn't need to use any JB Weld. Only removed the long standoffs and a couple others that got on the way.