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  1. Hi thingy,I tried what you said and still nothing changes.I was stuck at the boot screen,where it says 'still waiting for root device'. I've a working OS X Lion on my Dell Latitude E6400,P8600 2.4 GHz,4G RAM,64G M4 SSD. Hope someone can help me work out how to solve this,I really appreciate it.
  2. Hi,in my case,the trackpad works normally, while the nub doesn't. I believe the trackpad/nub have different manufacturers so you may want to try on different keyboard kexts in order to make your trackpad work.It really needs your patience. My video card(NVS 160m) is recognized correctly, and the res is 1440x900. I've sent you all the files I use to make Lion work on my E6400.Hope to hear some good news from you soon. BTW,you may wanna try on Chamelon Wizards,which's a great app for Hackintosh users.
  3. Hi,I have Core 2 Duo P8600 2.4GHZ 4GB Ram Nvidia Quadro NVS 160m Bluetooth Web camera. Sorry it's really late here in China,and I'm replying you from my iPad,while those kexts are stored on my laptop.I'll sent you all the files you need to build a good-enough Hackintosh tomorrow morning,so you can figure out how it works for you then.
  4. Up to now, I've been working under Lion for 2 more days,and so far so good:The system seems very stable,touchpad & Keyboard work just fine. Thanks to China's GFW,my internet connection is too slow to upload my kexts or other files,which are necessary to make Lion work like a charm on E6400,to any web disk that people in your country(US,UK,Europe,etc) may use often.However if you like You can send me a message and leave me your email,so that I can send these files to you.And if you think these files can be more widely shared,then please do it. I believe those E6400 users who also want to use Lion on their machine will appreciate your sharing.
  5. Hi guys,I think I've been able to get most of my E6400's hardwares working normally on Lion 10.7.2,and I've attached some fresh snapshots.
  6. As far as I can tell, browsing speed is normal, YouTube video plays smoothly,safari runs like a charm.But if you do need better internet connection,do search Google for an answer.Good Luck!
  7. Hi dude, I'm sorry to tell you this Dell™ Wireless 1397 802.11g Mini PCI Express® Internal Card is designed as a single band card supporting 802.11b/g networks.So it's not a A/B/G/N card as is expected by you.It's recongnized as a 3rd-party wireless card instead of Airport card,but it works just fine enough.Pretty cheap card, I bought it for no more than $ 5 here in China.You have a fairly good chance to find the same model in your local area. Search this on eBay may work for you,I guess.
  8. Hi Guys,thanks for all your sharing on installing Snow Leopard and Lion on this Dell E6400 notebook.Currently I've been able to run Lion 10.7.2 on my E6400, I installed Lion by using a thumb drive,which I've made a bootable Lion Install Disk. Simple stuff as it is ,just restore base system image to the thumb drive,copy packages folder and mach_kernel from Lion install DVD, and put them in respective places in the thumb drive.You'll have to replace original 'osinstall' and 'osinstall.mpkg' with the right ones. Install Chamelon,Copy Extra Folder and paste root directory of the thumb drive,delete or paste some kexts under S/L/E,and then everything is done. Plug in your thumb drive,switch on your E6400 Laptop,choose to boot from usb device,press F8,then type -v -s, type some command lines to repair permissions of the thumb drive,otherwise you'll come up with countless headaches when you try to install. After you've finished repairing permissions,type 'reboo't,then do this again: 'Plug in your thumb drive,switch on your E6400 Laptop,choose to boot from usb device'. Just wait a few minutes, if you're lucky then you can start the installation process. After installation is done,reboot into your newly installed Lion,set up all things as instructed.then again you'll need to add or replace some kexts under S/L/E folder,otherwise you'll get system panic when you try to boot into Lion later.Copy Extra folder to OS X drive's root directory. Run disk utility and repair disk permission.reboot,now chances are you get a working lion installed successfully! Below is what's working and what's not. Working part: Wifi: Dell 1397 Wireless Mini Card,by using broadcomxxx_enabler.sh Ethernet: Intel 82567 LM Gigabit Network Connection,by using intel 82566.kext Bluetooth: Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth,by installing 370 bluetooth driver. Shutdown&Restart: Out of the box! Webcam: Out of the box! Facetime is useable. Graphics Card: Out of the box! Haven't get the time to test video games or dual-monitor yet,but all I can say is so far so good. Not-working-so-fine part: Audio: Well, it kind of works, headphone/speaker just work,volume +/- also works,while every time you boot into Lion,you'll have to press the volume+ button on your keyboard to max the sound before you can really adjust the volume and hear any music. If anyone has got a better audio kext, plz do tell me,I appreciate it. Not-working part: Sleep:this is commonly seen on hackintosh,still hope to see a solution! Keyboard:can stop working at any time,which is totally unacceptable, because I want to use this wonderful machine with OS X installed,for work! Trackpad and Trackpoint just won't work!I've tried using different sets of Keyboard kexts,like:[AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext + ApplePS2Controller.kext],and [ AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext + VoodooPS2Controller.kext ], CPU&Ram info:not recognized correctly Can any one please tell me how can I get my keyboard stay working on Lion instead of suddenly become dumb without a warning? I really wish this could be solved,and I appreciate any help.