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  1. Hey Jvillia, Thanks for the reply. Although your included dsdt didn't work (probably too different), I did edit my dsdt to remove the sound identifier. Now voodooHDA works, albeit only through the headphone jack. It's a start though. Thanks!
  2. Hi pcwiz, thanks for the how to! Everything works fine until I try to convert my .plist file to hex, then I get the dreaded "gfxutil: invalid property list xml inputfile 'ethernet.plist'!" error. Any suggestions? Thanks! Mike
  3. SO quick question... (Inspiron 1420, Nvidia 8400m) I noticed when using Macgirl's EFI string it is possible to get video out, but Quartz is no longer present. Without the string, both CI and QE are enabled. Any way to have the best of both worlds? Thanks. Mike
  4. Not entirely sure, but if you really haven't changed anything it could be that your video card is failing (don't take my word for it though). NVidia has recently stated that many dell laptops with 84 or 86 series cards are unable to sufficiently cool themselves, leading to video card failure. There were stories posted all over dell2direct, slashdot and engadget. Couple that with the fact that most Hackintoshes run a little hot. Hope that's not the case though. Mike
  5. @SlashHack Thanks for your suggestions! Had decided to go that route myself shortly after posting (5.2 to 5.4 via updates). Your other suggestions and links have this install running almost perfectly. Thanks again! Mike
  6. Hi Everyone, Working on an Inspiron 1420 here. Had everything working w/iAtkos v2, including sleep and wake using the stock 9.2 kernel. I have recently attempted an install of iAtkos 10.5.4, and cannot get sleep to work using the stock kernel. Has anyone had sucess with this distro, and if so how did you get sleep working? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mike
  7. Installation AFTER Ubuntu?

  8. Hello eveyone, I seem to be having issues installing iAKTOS 2.0 (10.5.2) after installing Ubuntu. I have Ubuntu 8.04 on an Inspiron 1420. I then used a gParted live CD to create a 30 gig partition in which to install OSX. The problem is that when using DiskUtil, I can only manage my whole drive. The partitions (including the partition I would like to install to) are greyed out, and any attempt to format one, mount it or run first aid fails. Any suggestions? I have tried fromatting it in a varitey of ways (FAT, NTFS, HFS+ etc) as well as leaving it unformatted but nothing seems to work. I would really like to avoid having to wipe my whole drive to correctly install both OSs, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Mike
  9. Yeah, FFscroll loads and I tried setting the threshold much lower but still no luck. I'm not sure what trackpad model it is, but I know under linux xorg loads a 'synaptics' driver.
  10. Has anyone with an Inspiron 1420 gotten 2-finger scrolling to work with the above link for FFscroll? Doesn't work for me... If so, could you please post with a protocol? Thanks! Mike
  11. Didn't work for me on my inspiron 1420 (synaptics), but didn't hurt either...good to know there's a chance Thanks for your how-to! Mike
  12. Network Solution for Leopard

    Does anyone know of a Leopard-compatible PCMCIA network card?
  13. I updated to 10.5.2 on my Inspiron 1420 (although I have the Nvidia 8400GM). I used the method provided my MacGirl in the m1330 how-to tutorial. Mike
  14. Vanilla means straight from apple...ie the same ones that genuine macs use.