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  1. I have a Mid 2010 Macbook Pro i7. Intel chipset is series 5 it says. Main bay: Intel 350 ssd ( INTEL SSDSA2CW300G3 ) Optical bay: Apple ssd ( APPLE SSD TS128B ) (with MacBay cradle) The optical drive is fully readable but no write operations are permitted. I have checked permissions, and it is totally fine, read/write for everyone even (777) and yet I cannot copy files, rename files, delete files or create files on the drive. I cannot unmount the drive with disk utilities either. If i boot up into the Lion recovery image I have the same issue, the dive still won't get any love. I noticed when I look at 'About this mac -> storage" the main bay drive is listed as "Solid State SATA" but the 2nd drive is listed as "Flash Storage". I am pretty confident this worked totally fine when I had Snow Leopard installed, but after update it stopped working. Pulling my hair out I have since formatted both drives (by removing and connecting via USB) and installed a clean version of Lion on the may bay drive, and simply have formatted the 2nd drive as Journaled HSF+ === My theory at this point is that Lion has updated some drivers that no longer work against the optical bay + ssd, or Lion has added a built in restriction to prevent 2 SSD SATA connections for some reason. Possibly more likely is that the sata controller on the MacBay (optibay) isn't being recognized correctly, but I'm not sure if this is supported by the problems above. I have tried swapping the drives and when I do, whichever drive is in the optical bay has the same issues. === I've noticed a few threads on these boards that have talked about using the KEXT file from Snow Leo to fix a drive that wasn't showing up and I was wondering If the same solution may work for me. Thanks in advance!