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  1. 10.9 on optiplex 755

    Thanks for 10.7 osx Image But I need to install 10.9 Ok if I add graphic card ? Will it work ? What card is most compatible with 10.9 ?
  2. 10.9 on optiplex 755

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  3. I am trying to install 10.9 on optiplex 755 I am getting kp at tmsafteynet.ktext Attached a image Anybody successfully installed 10.9 on 755 ?
  4. I am running win 7 on imac natively my primary development is on .net so windows will be my primary OS but i also have to work on mac osx for iPhone projects i have to work on both OS at the same time and NO i will not use LION and then virtulize win 7 Attached is the screen shot of VB Thanks
  5. I downloaded virtual box did what you said but did not work i have grey cd for snow leopard that came with imac i used that one VB showed black screen with text at the end says system uptime in nano seconds then it stopped over there what should i do now ? Thanks
  6. is it legal to run/virtualize lion or mac server in windows on imac? if yes how ?
  7. Two questions: How do I run Mac OS X Lion in Windows 7 on my iMac? I know it is legal to virtualize Lion and Mac Server but I am not sure whether I can do it from Windows on Apple hardware. I have installed Windows 7 via Boot Camp on my iMac; can I open Mac partitions from Windows 7 using VMware Workstation? I can do the same from OS X and open up Windows 7 partitions using Fusion.