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  1. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on a ThinkPad W520

    I got my audio working by following this guide, using the voodooHDA and DSDT stuff: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=273621 I'm also running the current Lion version now (10.7.3) by installing iAtkos 10.7.2 and then just doing a regular update to the next version.
  2. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on a ThinkPad W520

    Those kexts have the same result: only moving the mouse, no tap to click, scroll or multitouch Isn't the HD3000 natively supported by Mac OS? All macbooks have i7's too.. I tried a seperate wireless lan usb stick too, Edimax EW-7318USg (Ralink 2870), but it didn't work either.. Weirdly enough I did have this stick working on my Snow Leopard install a few months back. It just doesnt recognise the hardware now, as the wifi stick's led just doesn't light on. About the sound: as described above, you have to install a VoodooHDA, after which the sound will work. This only lasts for that session, because when you reboot your pc you will either hear distorted noise, or encounter a kernel panic on boot (boot with -v -x flags to get into the install and remove the kext manually to restore). How did the update go? This could fix a few problems, but it could also break the install.
  3. Introduce yourself.

    Hey everyone, I'm Dennis aka DARE from Holland and I'm really interested in the Hackintosh stuff. Recently managed to install Lion on a W520, but there's still a lot to learn //DARE
  4. [GUIDE] OS X Lion on a ThinkPad W520

    I managed to install Mac OS X Lion by using the iAtkos L1 installer, works nicely. For the people who asked: stability is good, and I immediately had perfect graphics support etc. However, a big con of this install is that I can't manage to get the wifi working. There are no drivers for this card, and the only option is, as the first post suggested, to hack your BIOS in some sort of way.. and that is what I want to know. Is there someone who succesfully got the wifi to work by hacking their BIOS? And could you also describe how you did it? I have no idea how to do it.. Small additional question: is it possible to get the Mac multitouch gestures to work with the W520 touchpad? I installed the PS/2 voodoo kext but those are really miminal: I can only move the mouse, not even tap to click or scroll... Thanks in advance!