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  1. zhta1972

    Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    Anyone with success at Ga-EP45-DS3R ?, i'm getting panics at boot "Mac osx version: not yet set" i tried almost everything , bootloaders , edit PlatformUUID , boot with -x32 , boot -x , dsmos , fakesmc and so on... After the kexts loading at first boot , i'm getting a panic "Mac osx version : Not yet set" Anyone had success with same motherboard ? GA-EP45-DS3R ? Any Ideas ? Thank you...
  2. i tried almost everything , bootloaders , edit PlatformUUID , boot with -x32 , boot -x , dsmos , fakesmc and so on... After the kexts loading at first boot , i'm getting a panic "Mac osx version : Not yet set" Anyone had success with same motherboard ? GA-EP45-DS3R ? Any Ideas ? Thank you...
  3. I got this controller for a dirt cheap price (32 Euros) , It's a hardware RAID 0 , 1 , 5 controller with 64Mbytes of memory . The incuded CD is old (2005) but the Raid application is running ok on Intel Leopard 10.5.5 . The problem is , when i try to "kextload -t" the driver i got this from my terminal : kernel extension syncraid6405.kext has problems: Missing dependencies: { "com.apple.iokit.IOATABlockStorage" = "A valid compatible version of this dependency cannot be found" } I used kexthelper to install the files corectly ... When i change the value at : root/OSBundleLibraries/IOATABlockStorage to 2.0.0 (or 2.0) wich is the version of extension at 10.5 or delete the "child" and try to give "kextload -t" it gives the following : kextload: notice: extension SyncRAID6405.kext has debug properties set kextload: extension SyncRAID6405.kext appears to be loadable kld(): Undefined symbols: __ZN23IOATABlockStorageDriver9metaClassE kextload: kld_load_from_memory() failed for module /System/Library/Extensions/SyncRAID6405.kext/Contents/MacOS/SyncRAID6405 kextload: a link/load error occured for kernel extension SyncRAID6405.kext link/load failed for extension SyncRAID6405.kext May i try to install the IOATAFamily.kext from tiger ? Thank you . SyncRAID6405.kext.zip
  4. zhta1972

    [Solution] ICH10 [IDE Mode] SATA Kext

    Lots of thank you !! I get rid of ACHI in bios (about 12-15 seconds more boot time) and i had NO disk speed penalty at all (accordind to XBench ). My mobo is a Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R , Q9550 , 16GBytes of DDR 2 RAM , OCZ 60GB (Core2) SSD drive and a crappy NVidia 7300 256MB (its ok for me) Sleep still works fast as hell . Total boot time : 20-22 seconds Boot time from Darwin's enter hit, to desktop icons appearance 12 seconds !!! Thank you again , Dimitris Greece
  5. Hello all ... Is there any cheap Video cards , with "serius" drivers ? I cant find anywhere at the net , i made lots of searches . The only cheap solusion i found , is ADS Tech Pydo DV , it works great , but it a DV device ... I'm asking here about normal , PCI cards , with composite and/or YC inputs-outputs , that WORKS with final cut , imovie etc .... Not professional graded for home and semi-profi use . For window$ , there is a bunch of cards like this like pinacle etc ... Thank you Dimitris - Greece/Hellas
  6. Today i found an old (2005) Sapphire X-1800XL , i put it on my asrock conroe 1333 , and i used the kext from kalyway's 10.5.2 DVD (natit for X-1x00 ) . Dual DVI worked at once (via DVI-VGA adapters) , without restart ... Later i try to connect a TV - i dont have the card's cable - the card has a strange 9 pin video connector , looks like s-video one , but with more holes . I found the s-video Y signal at the 1st of the 3 lower pin-holes ( i tried one-by-one , and pressed "dettect displays" each time ) and the C signal , at the 2nd and 3rd . I did the old trick with a 470pf capacitor to adapt the YC signal to composite . ( http://www.tkk.fi/Misc/Electronics/circuit...deo2cvideo.html ) All worked like a charm . I can have only two desktops at the same time (VDI+DVI or VDI+TV-Out) .... Thank you all ...
  7. Hi Kabyl , thank you for all this ... I have ASROCK Conroe 1333 R 1 The links for the bios download is : http://www.asrock.com/mb/from.asp?Model=Co...T=B&ID=1460 , for DOS version and http://www.asrock.com/mb/from.asp?Model=Co...T=B&ID=1461 for the Windows one . I think you need the dos one , but i posted the other too ... I have a 8200 processor but i cant use it , i would love it , if you can help .... Thank you again , Dimitris .
  8. zhta1972

    GMA 950 Slowness

    just remove the two cpu managment kexts , delete kext-cache and reboot... i had the same issue at an acer laptop last week .
  9. I'm into the community aboout 9-10 months , i learned alot (thank you all ppl about your hard work ...) BUT i didnt found a solution about my Sony Vaio .... I think a lot of other Vaio owners dint , too ... I saw aomething about newer Go cards from Diavolik (7600 Go cards , Thank you Man ...!) But i would like to "fix" my vaio too ... Are there any other people with same problem ? Lets be together to find a solution !! Thank you all, Dimitris, Greece .
  10. zhta1972

    Intel Wireless driver

    .... is not compatible with its superclass, IO80211Controller .... I had this problem too !!! This is because of the latest versions of IO80211Family.kext and framework ... You have to replace theese two with the ones of the Apple combo update 10.4.7 ... I just did and it worked !!!! IT WORKED FOR ME TOO , AT LAST !!!! Here is my story : Its a Sony VAIO VGN FS-415-M I made a fresh install with Jas 10.4.8 DVD after this , i patced : 1) Audio : azalia audio 2) NVidia : MacVidia 3) Ethernet : Intel Pro100VE , install a AppleIntel8255x.kext from 10.4.5 4) Touchpad : FFScroll 5) DVD burner : PatchBurn ( to make it burner from reader ) 6) Wireless : Intel 2200BG with iwi2200-v6-test2-xkazu2 (you are the best , it was the hardest!!) Thanks the comunity for all , If you like to ask something just hit it ... Dimitris , Greece
  11. zhta1972

    Intel Wireless driver

    ONE MORE : the version of the IO80211Family.kext is 1.5.1 due to a "Airport extreme update"
  12. zhta1972

    Intel Wireless driver

    After the restart , the system said : System extension cannot be used. The system extension " /System/Library/Extensions/ iwi2200.kext" was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstaling it or ..... Please help , thank you ...
  13. zhta1972

    Intel Wireless driver

    Hi , i tried to install it manually from the lates package : iwi2200-v6-test2-xkazu2.dmg , and : My install is a clean one , not update from Jas SSE2 SSE 3 10.4.8 DVD . First i extracted the iwi2200 at my desktop Then i did : sudo -s - gave my password . rm -R /System/Library/Extensions/iwi2200.kext - to remove the existing iwi2200.kext rm -R /System/Library/Extensions.mkext - to remove the kext cache rm -R /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache - to remove the kext cache cp -R iwi2200.kext /System/Library/Extensions/iwi2200.kext chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/iwi2200.kext chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/iwi2200.kext kextload -t /System/Library/Extensions/iwi2200.kext - to load kext AND THIS IS WHAT I GOT : ress-computer:~ root# kextload -t /system/library/extensions/iwi2200.kext kernel extension /system/library/extensions/iwi2200.kext has problems: Authentication failures: { "File owner/permissions are incorrect" = ( "/system/library/extensions/iwi2200.kext" "/system/library/extensions/iwi2200.kext/Contents/Info.plist" "/system/library/extensions/iwi2200.kext/Contents" "/system/library/extensions/iwi2200.kext/Contents/MacOS/iwi2200" "/system/library/extensions/iwi2200.kext/Contents/MacOS" ) } What i have done wrong ?? Thank you , Dimitris , Greece .
  14. Hi ... I configured allmost all at my lappie , i love it , its so sweet and sexy with MacOSx ... One of my last problems is that when i'm going to open the settings page of the "Built-in Ethernet" , by pressing the "Configure" button at the network section of the "System Preferences" it simply dont open !! I have Intel Pro/100 VE , i have done what wtcnbrwndo4u says at : this howto , but it still dont open ... Any advices ? Please help ... Thank you ... Dimitris
  15. zhta1972

    MacOSx86 on a Sony VAIO FS-415M

    Hi .... I'm a really huppy , Sony Vaio FS-415M MacOSx 10.4.8 full working owner !!!!! Normal booting , sound (only on speakers) NVidia on 1280x800 only issue is no Airport (still.... but i will , i think ) Thank you all for your support , drivers coders and all the community (Jas really Rocks) ... Dimitris