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  1. While unrelated to the problem above, i thought it might be worth it to note... Sometimes on USB installers, (Flash) depending on the speed of the flash, the installer can sometimes come up, and enter the grey screen just before you get the welcome message, the mouse pointer will turn into the spinning wheel and the computer will not seem to do much. Iv seen via testing when I directly clone the same flash disk to a spare USB hard drive, that the installer is just transferring files around and appears to have crashed, but is actually doing something (even if the activity light doesn't seem to flash) I found this after waiting for 10minutes with a grey screen, and then getting bored and going to watch TV for a while... when i came back, the installer was waiting for me. Soooo if you can get into the grey screen, it is often good to leave it until you are very very sure that it is not going to work.
  2. Thank you verdant, that will be amazing thanks for all the help! When ever works best for you, i barely find time myself, which is why I keep coming back to the PC and getting OSX to work on it. So many thanks in advance! Some other notes, I tried to do a stress test on the SATA last night, which seemed to always be the issue. I used your lion and mountain lion support files folder and duplicated them many times and compressed them to produce a zip file of about 2.5GB, I then had the computer uncompress it, duplicate it more etc... I was able to get sustained read and write at (i think about 50mb/s, peaking at 100mb/s if memory serves). Now this is only on disk operations, So i dont know if its a real test i can rely on but previously that kind of stuff would have OSX lock up... so i think the changes to the bios made a big difference Iv saved your nforce bios setup table for future reference. I will continue to test things and play around with the system.
  3. http://www.sendspace.com/file/7gligq Hi Verdant, thanks for your patience, I was using version 3 it seems which was not outputting anything useful. This is the output from version 2.0
  4. http://www.sendspace.com/file/s0kup9 This should be a good ioreg - so i was not able to load it in the GUI but i can less it in the terminal and i get the text. Hopefully this is good the motherboard is from by XFX Added the System specs in as a signature (would have been useful if I had done that from the start many thanks for suggesting it )
  5. So the Audio is apparently an Azalia High Definition Audio (thats on the board) I actually have a PCI SoundBlaster X-Fi also, though i dont expect to ever have that thing working, causes enough problems in windows as it is... haha - will get on that IOreg file as soon as i get back.
  6. I can confirm that it is the DUAL PCB version 896MB on each board ,... (Basically 2x 285s glued together i think.) Iv taken a look at the IOReg and it is indeed corrupted. I am getting hold of the current XCode version and will report back later (work calls! ) On the differences in rom, the first file is basically 1 version/subversion above the second. So there isn't a huge difference between the two. I left XCode downloading on the PC in question so should be ready to go this evening, apologies for the wait. Iv also never seen any crashing or strange behavour during windows and linux use or during heavy load such as OpenCL use. So i guess that it isn't an enormous problem I guess the plan is to have chameleon load the rom file(s) and to get the drivers the recognize the device...
  7. Here is a link to the files (hopefully they are ok) http://www.sendspace.com/file/jjw8wk On the GPU, the VRAM is 1792MB It is an XFX nVidia GTX 295, it is the DUAL PCI version, unfortunately i didn't get the ROM but ill try and get the windows disk back up and extract it. Little note that booting up with the nVidia drivers removed worked, system appears stable so possibly the changes bios side, might have helped (that said, not been up for that long so more testing required) [EDIT] Got the MBR fixed on windows and a screen shot from GPUZ and also the rom(s) Default selected by windows http://www.sendspace.com/file/unsxbu Card Number 2 selected by windows http://www.sendspace.com/file/ptm6fz So infact they do have different bios versions (which is odd) I should try and flash them both to the same version? also ram of each is 896MB Many thanks! Eros
  8. Thanks verdant, will post up a link to the files as soon as I get them off the PC, I was actually thinking of removing all the Ge and NV kexts to have it boot up in VESA... I swear that GTX295 wasn't worth all the pain haha.
  9. Hi Guys While I have not managed to get ML working on my nForce 780i (I was the one with the Finder and OSX spinning wheel freezes during heavy hard drive use) I am having yet another go at it after Loosing my windows hard drive and not being too bothered about getting it back up... I have an nForce 780i with a GTX295 GPU, my reason for attempting again is that i changed alot of settings in the bios, some of which related to a post of yours verdant on the nforce sata kext, so that might be the thing that solves the freezing... if i can get the system up that is.... I have produced an installer hard drive on USB, In order to get the installer to work I had to move from the drivers that come with 10.8.3 (when you make the install image) and go to the ones from nVidia, (I think that version wise they are the same, but one set worked while the others didn't) After installation completes I am unable to get the system to boot into ML, from its behaviour i think it is initialization of the gpu drivers that is causing the issue, but i am not sure exactly the path to take since I can only really modify the system if I use the Terminal in the installer disk. I have changed the drivers, installed some kexts, generated kernel caches, but the furthest I can get it is the screen going black just when it trys to go into OSX. Also for the graphics drivers, i don't get the usual "NVDN50Hal registered" message, I only get a message saying that the driver is being started... normally I think id need both. I also cannot find anywhere to add my device id, as the structure of the drivers seems to have changed and should technically work with all GPUs (maybe) Maybe i should try various versions of the nvidia drivers? Any clues tips or tricks? I might prepare a lion installer and see what that does.
  10. I am not sure what the best plan is now, After having the system operate flawlessly under load for about 5 hours in one session I thought all is solved. After that, iv had the system crash almost constantly under light use, typically within 10-15mins. Not completely sure other than trying in 32bit mode, which i sort of wanna avoid since most of my work is compiled 64bit
  11. It is strange, just as i was reporting back that things seemed to be working, my pc decided that it would lock up. I had changed the Sata over from one location on the MB to another (it has a set of two ports on their own and another block of two elsewhere, i moved from the two solo ports to the group of 4 with my hard drives) nvenabler seems to have started working a little differetly also, giving me use of both dvi ports so im working on dual displays now. because the system appeared stable i took the mem limit off again and tried doing some large transfers over network and USB... Things got upset just as i was writing to report all good... the irony... I am suspicious of my USB hub, as i use a hub to carry my keyboard and mouse as not to waste space. From memory i might have always had issues when transferring files using that port. More testing to do and i will report back with any findings. Because the bug is random is it sometimes difficult to say what causes it though usually it is triggered by file transfers Currently I have deactivated 2 of the 3 sata controllers on the XFX 780i so what ever controller device 0 is, is taking care of my two hard drives (one windows one mac) I forgot to limit the ram to 3gb. So far it has been playing two HD movies at the same time for about an hour... hard drive showing constant activity... so far so good... but bare in mind that previously it took about 2 hours to freeze
  12. Following a little reading of your posts, i am going to do a little research into my motherboard and figure out exactly what controllers are being used and generally give the system a shakedown. I believe i have the kext as downloaded in your packages, and i dont have a sata dvd drive, so ill look at exactly what parts of the motherboard are what and see what i can do. but the ram shouldnt be an issue with the correct kext is that correct?
  13. I have been having these issues, it took a while for me to realise that it was related to the ApplenForceATA kext. I have a 780i chipset with 8gb of ram... it would be wonderful if i could use it all, i currently have version 1.04 of the kext and although I dont get kernel panics i get unrecoverable system freezes which do not give any useful information in the logs I wonder what is the best kext to use in my case... though i figure they all suffer from the memory limit.
  14. That is quite interesting, I was just about to post asking about if there was a memory limit which might help stability. To update, I have attempted to get the other display ports operating and had no success with either EFI strings or nvenabler. 10.7.4 works fine though after again installing the official nvidia drivers. Only issue i have found is when using LuxMark to test openCL functionality, due to the second (and not correctly initialized) card being recognised as a separate device, i got a kernel panic as soon as the program attempted to load the gpus up for rendering. Using nvenabler seems to correctly inject the memory sizes and fixes this...
  15. Many thanks verdant. I have since updated all the threads that i have posted in with regard to the GTX 295, i still need to flex the nForce board that i have as originally I had terrible issues with file transfers causing the system to lock up. I had to install the combo update 4 times before it finally made it past the verify stage. As Finder lockups are widely reported in lion 10.7.0 and 10.7.1 I am glad i finally get to test out 10.7.3 and 10.7.4 to see if the issue has been solved. I am hoping it is not something indicative of my motherboard, but we will see. Thanks once again