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  1. The Fermi "Freeze" Discussion (Possible solutions?)

    Test OS: 10.7.4 arch=i386 -legacy -f npci=0x3000 pmVersion=0 (only 32bit apps work, running on AMD Phenom II X4 940 processor) Vid Card: eVGA GTS 450 Video Driver: Retail_270.00.00f06.dmg Cuda Driver: cudadriver-4.2.macos (4.2.7) When installing I got an error (yellow triangle with exclamation point) I rebooted with black screen, so I connected video to ATI 5450 (I had this one working before installing the GTS 450 and ran Kext Utility and rebooted again, got video working with GraphicsEnabler=Yes) I haven't experienced a kernel panic or freeze yet. ---------- Test OS: 10.6.8 arch=i386 -force64 (64bit apps work, running on AMD Phenom II X4 940 processor) Vid Card: eVGA GTS 450 Video Driver: Retail_256.02.25f1v1.dmg Cuda Driver: cudadriver-4.2.macos (4.2.7) Everything installed smooth, when I rebooted it worked right away. I haven't tested a lot since I am testing 10.7.4 but it is the latest driver I found from nVidia, possibly could be worth the try.
  2. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    Any news on this? I am currently using my ATI Radeon HD5450 but would like to use my GTS 450..
  3. I have a question... Will this help the stuttering using VoodooHDA?
  4. I got video working with an ATI HD5450 but I can't get sound to work. Is there anybody that has it working? Tried VoodooHDA but no luck. It shows in System Info as: Ven ID - Vendor - Dev ID - Device - Class - Subclass 10de - nVidia Corporation - 0774 - MCP72XE/MCP72P/MCP78U/MCP78S High Definition Audio - Multimedia controller - Audio device EDIT: Fixed it by removing AppleHDA.kext and reinstalling VoodooHDA 2.7.3 (after updating to 10.6.8 it must have placed it back) BUT it stutters and pops when using the rear green (test) so I guess it's a work in progress? I am using the front green (headphones) jack for now.
  5. ...and install kexts/bootloader and have a working install out of that? I have one at work. EDIT: I BOUGHT OS X Lion from APP STORE. Funny, when I logged in my work PC to App Store it says it's INSTALLED? LOL
  6. Bluetooth: Broadcom 2045 Driver/Kext

    Boot with a Live CD that allows you to turn on the device on, i.e. my ThinkPad T61 has this bluetooth adapter and the only way I can use is either turning it off and then back on in BIOS (making it enabled) or booting with U***ntu live CD (ver 8 worked for me the fastests) and making it visible then restarting into OS X. Someone should write an enabler for this, it's getting old and tiring to having to boot into a live CD just to have BT if it's just some address that needs to be written or something similar... EDIT: If you already have it enabled and its not showing try renaming S/L/E AppleHPET.kext to AppleHPET.kext.old (in case it KP on you and you have to boot in -s -x mode to rename it back and fsck -fy)
  7. On OS X 10.6.8 (not Lion, haven't tried) to wake up I simply press and hold the power button for 1 second and it prompts me: Restart, Sleep, Cancel, Shut Down and I can use the mouse/keyboard again... Give that a try..
  8. IntelE1000e kext (82566MM, 82577LM, etc)

    Will this work with NVidia also? I have a P55V motherboard that has built-in Intel E1000 and when I use GeForce.kext my NIC stops working. I have to use Natit (no QE/CI) in order for my NIC to work. Not sure why... I guess I'll try and report back. EDIT: Worked like a charm! Thank you!
  9. I was running legacy_kernel 10.8 v2 in 32-bit mode but moved my OSX86 installation to a new machine/cpu that runs 64-bit and mach_kernel. OS X loads up fine but almost all the programs Quit Inexpectedly. I can boot with legacy_kernel and arch=i386 but this is not what I want, I would like to run 64-bit kernel. I know there is a patching utility for when running in -force64 with legacy_kernel, do I need to use this "patching" as well on arch=x86_64?
  10. Interested in knowing the OP's question about swap file... I would use a USB 8gb thumb drive... Also, about wear/tear...was it all rumors that they become READ-ONLY after it's max? I noticed they used to come in 32gb increments, for example 64gb, 128gb, now they come in 60gb, 120gb...is this to have more space for this "wear/tear"?
  11. Atheros AR5001 Wireless card installation.

    I also have this weird wireless card on a Toshiba Satellite L305D, I have also tried MANY kexts and still haven't been able to get it working. Under OS X it detects it as an AR5001 (without the X) with dev id 168c:001c as well. Anybody know what's the trick to get these @#(*$!_ cards to work? The laptop has a sticker with pa3613u-1mpc I searched and couldn't find anything for OS X.
  12. Fixed atheros AR5001 on Leopard 9a527

    Any idea how to get AR5001 working on 10.6.8?
  13. Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite with an ATI Radeon HD 3100 running OS X 10.6.8 (iatkos -> update 10.6.8 combo 1.1) I tried all the kext on OP but none worked for me. I can run in -s mode and manually load the kext but I only get VESA and in Display it says GPU, 3 MB, display 1024x768
  14. Seeking testers for Fermi Freeze Fix.

    GTS 450 here, but im running AMD 10.6.8 with Legacy Kernel 10.8 so switching to Lion is not an option for me (for now at least and God knows how many cans that will open when it is available *IF* it makes it...) Right now running QuickTime looping mp4 on lower left corner, barely visible...only solution that has worked so far...
  15. The Fermi "Freeze" Discussion (Possible solutions?)

    What about us AMD users on 10.6.8? No Kernel yet for Lion...! I was using onboard 8200 from XFX NForce 750a and graphics sucked, no acceleration. I got a GTS 450 and now freezes... I can't win with this hackintosh! LOL Going to try the "npci=0x2000" and if it gets bad i'll add that applescript running QT in loop. For now...until Nvidia decides to do something about it.. EDIT: I tried npci=0x2000 and it didn't fix the freeze. I now run a blank.mp4 video (no sound) with QuickTime using a script, here it is, you need to open the script with AppleScript edit the "blank.mp4" to "DRIVE:FOLDER:blank.mp4" and then save as application and run it. Been up 4 days no freeze! loop.zip