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  1. Heya Donk, Zenith, Albert, Mac Son of Knife, and others who've contributed to this rad thread, I've a host machine running 10.7 with a i7 core, VMWare Fusion 3.1.3, and a 10.6.7 install disk. The install process with 10.6.7 is a bit different than outlined in the first post. Immediately after the language selection, the installer moves to the preparing installation phase. This fails with the "Mac OS X can't be installed on this computer." dialog with options to "Restore From Backup" or "Restart" options. At this point, the tool bar up top appears allowing the Disk Utility to run where I've successfully erased and created the partition as instructed in the first post. Unfortunately, the aforementioned dialog persists following a restart. My apologies if the solution is somewhere apparent. All searches keep leading me back here. You've my gratitude for any assistance. Cheers, -- Dan