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  1. Got it guys thanks a lot, I appreciate it. Got Sierra running!
  2. Spectacular got it, can I change the boot order to the hard drive now instead of having to type exit at the shell screen?
  3. Ok can't seem to get the command option p r to work. I just hold them all at the same time at boot up right?
  4. Should be good now one drive whenever I plugged it in would always show at the 0x0 slot even though it wasn't plugged in to that spot. Still showing as a 3,1. Apple_X64_BootLog.txt
  5. I don't see it in there but maybe I missed it. Apple_X64_BootLog.txt
  6. I ran it so what do you need out of it?
  7. I had to unplug a hard drive to get to the main one to come up at 0. Held option command p r and I still am at 3,1. It's super frustrating, if you have anything else send it my way.
  8. Still got nothing, copied the default from earlier post replaced the serial and then the serial+5 numbers on the default and then clear nvram by terminal. Still sitting at a 3,1.
  9. Got default.plist in the EFI partition but it is still registering as a 3,1. I used terminal to clear NVRAM before restart. Put the plist generated by chameleon wizard for a mac 13,2. what did I miss?
  10. OK, I am running the XMASS.Rom with El Capitan 10.11.6 how do I update from mac3,1 to an imac14,2 so I can update to Sierra?
  11. Anything else? I got it disabled by using a clover install stick to get to the recovery. Wouldn't boot to recovery with cmd R. But still have a prohibited sign on boot.
  12. Running x-mass bios trying to boot Sierra 10.12.3 and I keep getting a prohibited sign on boot. Where do I need to start. I can get it to boot with a clover install stick but I can't seem to get it to boot on it's own.
  13. I was messing around trying to get airplay to work and I was seeing that basically the only way to get that to work was to change the mac identifier to imac13,2 currently it is at mac3,1. How do I go about that?
  14. Yes, I did but it still wasn't working with the 10.8.5 so I rolled back to 10.8.4 and works like a dream. I was catching some slow bluetooth also. Saw on tonymac where the z77 was having trouble with the 10.8.5 usb 3.0 and it required some major editing to get it to work right now so i'll just wait a little bit maybe mavericks will work native.
  15. Alright just bios'ed it to the .801 and the audio is fine but still having trouble with the 3.0's, had imessage working from editing the serial number and adding 6 digits but it has stopped working with the new flash, but I fixed it by adding the 6 digits again. It is showing the USB 3.0s on the system report but nothing connected to them.