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  1. Leo4Allv3

    OK. PROBLEM HERE I purchased a new S-ATA seagate HDD 160 GB just to install leo on it. leo installs fine. but after reboot , there is kernal panic and system halts. So, i reinstalled leo on USB HDD just to see how stuff works, it installs fine, reboots fine, but keyboard and mouse does not work. so the problem is because of installing sata drives. is there any workaround for this?
  2. Leo4Allv3

    INSTALLED FINE! my spec Leo4allv3-final 1.5.2 AMD Athlon 64X2 4000+ Biostar NF61S Micro AM2 SE ONboard gforce 6100/nforce 405 (no QE/CE or whatever) 1GB RAM realtek ALC681-VD (used azzilia) Network not tested HDD USB Bluetooth Working fine restart/ shutdown fine system hangs while put to sleep. options used while installing old nforce kexts by medevil SMBIOS DDR-800 appleazzilia for audio Now someone please tell me how to remove firewire kexts to speed up booting since i didnot check this option while installing.
  3. The new Tubgirl 10.4.9 pff (for AMD)

    yes. it has sse3. it can run 10.4.10 and may be 10.5 leopard. actually i had downloaded tubgirl 10.4.8 iso long time back. only downloaded 10.4.9 ppf patch recently thinking that it could work. but no luck. internet connection is very slow here. it will take many days before i download any new iso.
  4. 10.4.9 Update - Common Questions and Answers

    downloaded tubgirl's 1049 patch, applied it to tubgirl's 1048 AMD iso. verified the checksums, burned DVD and booted. booting went fine till it was time to recognise harddisks, then the error message. disk0 I/O fail disk0 I/O fail disk0 I/O fail disk0 I/O fail four times maybe because i have four partitions. sitll booting continues, but when time to use diskutility, the utility shows the whole drive but not individual partitions. my spec AMD athlon 64 x2 4000+ am2 biostar nf61s am2 se samsung 80 gb IDE what boot options can i choose to make the disk mount with the partitions intact. PS : i have used jas 1048 and that iso detects all the partitions correctly. i could install to my desired partition.
  5. The new Tubgirl 10.4.9 pff (for AMD)

    i had successfully used jas 10.4.8, recently downloaded both tubgirl 1048 AMD iso and 1049 patch. patched the iso successfully, verified the checksum too. now booting from dvd, boot is fine but when mounting the harddisks there is a message saying DISK0 I/O error. but booting continues. also disk utility shows the whole drive but not individual partitions, any ways to make 1049 recognise the ide drive with partitions?? my spec: athlon 64 x2 4000+ am2 biostar nf61s m2a SE samsung 80 GB ide harddisk