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  1. 10.6 on a Dell Inspirion 9300

    No ideas?
  2. 10.6 on a Dell Inspirion 9300

    Hey all, I am using MODCD w/retail 10.6.0 DVD to try and convert my Inspirion 9300 to a Hackintosh machine. Everything with the install seems to go ok, up until I go to install the OS on the internal EIDE hard drive as long as I use the legacy kernel. All other kernels stop at one point and nothing happens (I can't remember the point atm) At that point, the installer says "Installing Mac OS X" and just sits there with the spinning barber pole. No Mac drive activity light nothing. I also had a hell of a time partitioning the disk to GUID but I was able to manage it. I figured that I need some IDE kexts and that I need to load them into my MODCD so they are loaded when it boots darwin and the OS X installer.. But I have no idea how to go about this .. can anyone help or should I abandon this attempt and put Windows 7 on it?