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  1. Lepoard on a blue/white G3

    Don't bother. 64MB is way too small for Leo. You will need at least 512MB. I have B&W G3, and my experience is that 10.2 or 10.3 can run fine, 10.4 with a lots of RAM which you (obviously) don't have. 10.5 is mission impossible.
  2. Hi, *** For all GMA X3100, GMA965/950 (and other) people who use annoying "Hot corner fix" *** I've made one small utility to make our life easier - e.g. to refresh and make display usable without any user interaction. No need to peek the corner anymore. Installation: 0. Grab archive below (csleep.zip, md5=4ba8aeb1862a13eb54870777ac77620e) 1. Make sure that you have enabled automatic login 2. Copy csleep.app to /Applications (whatever) 3. Set auto start on login for csleep.app [ System preferences / Accounts / Login Items Click + and select csleep.app in /Applications ] That's it. Reboot & Enjoy! Notes: - It will take a second to refresh display csleep.zip
  3. Leopard dock appearance changer

    Thanks for mentioning, SticMAN. I know that, and I agree! Anyway, this is ultra simple app and somebody might find it useful. Even if somebody tweak its dock with any tool available on the trade, he or she can switch between 2D or glass(3D) very fast with this. I made this app for my personal usage, and why not to share it with my neighbours? Isn't Linux also a bit like re-inventing the wheel? See?
  4. I've made an utility for changing Leopard Dock appearance. Leo's alternative dock is really nice, give it a try! After seeing screenshot provided here you will know whether you like it or not. Installation: Just unzip anywhere Universal Binary (i386 + ppc7400) and should work on AMD & PPC also. Tested on 10.5.1 + Intel Pentium D. MD5(DockShifter.zip)= 5d69edeb48d0a6a0fd6b05e0a45d312b Regards blagec DockShifter.zip
  5. *** Here is how I partially solve this annoying problem: In activity monitor, one can clearly saw that Paralells 3 is jumping from one core to another (why is so, I do not know - perhaps they wanted to make similar thermal load on both cores). Confirmation in syslog: an 19 07:06:29 aeroflot kernel[0]: [Parallels] IPI stat: rescheduled 1 cpus out of 2. Removing vmmain.kext from kernel does not solving anything because Paralells requires this kext to be loaded in order to work! 1. Specify cpus=1 at darwin boot loader prompt. This will resolve "core jumping" problem. The system will work with reduced performance, but since Paralells is still unable to use multiple cores, it might be less painful. 2. Try to avoid automatic loading of vmmain.kext during system startup when you boot both cores, or better, you can load vmmain manually when you want to work with Parallels 3. Hope it helps - works for me! Regards, blagec Sys details: Parallels 3, build 5584 on ToH RC2 Leopard updated to 10.5.1 Pentium D 915, Asus P5PL2/C i945 VT-x is not available on CPU #0 Darwin aeroflot.local 9.1.0 Darwin Kernel Version 9.1.0: Fri Nov 16 14:50:43 SCT 2007; made by ToH:xnu-1228.0.2~1/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386 i386
  6. Dtrace woes

    Hi, I have Pentium D 915, DTrace likes that CPU, and D 940 is probably OK! Buuuuut... While I was on Kalyway 9a527 Leo beta (upgraded to 528d I think) DTrace/XRay worked great. But, when I switched to ToH RC2 10.5.0 (9a581), and than to 10.5.1 (regular software update - very few .kexts are changed from 10.5.0 to 10.5.1 btw DTrace broke - got the same error message (line 26) AFAIK, the cause of this behavior is missing file: mach_kernel.ctfsys in / dir (it should reside in / along with mach_kernel). I placed that file into the / folder, and voila! DTrace is working again. I don't know the exact purpose of .ctfsys file (but it is some kind of non-slimmed x86+PPC kernel image) so please someone explain ... I even use cftsys from 9a528d installation in 10.5.1 (as I was lazy/couldn't find file on ToH disc?) and it works for me (correct me if I'm wrong). My kernel is: Darwin aeroflot.local 9.1.0 Darwin Kernel Version 9.1.0: Fri Nov 16 14:50:43 SCT 2007; made by ToH:xnu-1228.0.2~1/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386 i386 Best regards, blagec
  7. Things you don't like about 9a559

    I removed AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext (and Extensions.mkext) and CPU went 10 deg down
  8. I installed Kalyway's Leopard 527 (kernel 9.0.0b5-han:solo-1182~1) and than performed upgrade to 528d with regular software update. I can confirm that works! Hardware: Asus P5PL2/C + Pentium D 915 (EM64T+SSE3+HPET) + 2GB Dual Channel RAM Gainward GeForce 7600GT (1280x1024@75Hz, QE+CI works though Natit/Titan) RTL8111b (works) Realtek HD Audio (only output through Azzalia) PATA Quantum 20GB and SATA Seagate Baracuda 250GB (both of them works) I notice that the installation DVD is based on semthex 8.8.1 Tiger kernel (and not on 9.x.x Leo)!? Strange, but I don't care as long as it works. Good things: * Almost all software I tried worked including: Adobe CS3, VmWare, iWork08, FireFox, Opera, Adium, Azureus, LimeWire, aMule, Skype, OpenOffice, XSlimmer 2.2, SteerMouse, Toast 7 Titanium, Stuffit11, DivX, mPlayer, VLC etc. * XBench score was higher * Once booted it's stable * Leo is real eye candy, and that's all about visible improvements over Tiger Problems (and solutions): * Drag-and-drop bug in Finder (gone after repairing permissions) * AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext must be removed in order to decrease CPU temp (at least on my CPU). On Tiger the situation was opposite: without that kext cpu was 10 deg above normal (for thermal monitoring on i945s with Winbond sensor see: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...t=0#entry396686 ) * Sleep locks up the machine * IDE is blocking boot in very rare circumstances ** The most annoying problem so far is lack of compiler and ktrace/kdump: As I have kalyway dvd without XCode (and compiler) I tried to build gcc 4.2.2 without success, older Xcode 2.4 (and gcc.pkg) won't install. I mounted Tiger disk with installed Xcode 2.4, gcc seems to work but ld (part of cctools) is crashing with message: /usr/bin/cctools/ld: /usr/lib/system/libmathCommon.A.dylib load command 6 unknown cmd field collect2: ld returned 1 exit status. If I try to point to Tiger libs with DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH, I got "Bus Error". Also tried to build cctools statically without success. **** XCode solution: I downloaded HandyMan 527 dl dvd with XCode 3.0 included and took xcode from there. WARNING: This release has one installation glitch in Dashcode package which can be solved by replacing Dascode.pkg with pkg of the first Dashcode beta, installer does not notice anything. After that install new Dashcode and kill it upon freezing (all files should be installed in that moment). Regards
  9. Is NX stripped from the Kernel?

    My kernel also appears to have NX (disable execute from stack) functionality crippled: Darwin SoyuZ.local 8.10.1 Darwin Kernel Version 8.10.1: Wed May 23 16:33:00 PDT 2007; Sochi2014:VoteForUs/RELEASE_I386 i386 i386 I just executed same code from heap and stack with any problem (using gcc). The same code on Linux caused "Segmentation fault". There are many different kernels on the trade, and I belive that some of them do have working NX, some not - the obvious reason for that is compatibility as not all processors has NX support built into them. Best regards, blagec
  10. Monitor your temperature under OSX

    Enabling Intel SpeedStep/AMD Cool and Quiet with ACPICPUThrottle may help: See http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...aded&start= http://www.ihacblog.com/feed/
  11. Monitor your temperature under OSX

    Although the Sys temp is fine, I never saw an oridinary CPU working on 20C (excluding short period of startup). I think that temp reading is aligned for Intel CPU, and since you have AMD readings are lower. Anyway, you can make simple correction: - Enter BIOS: single core CPU in bios is at 100% load, wait for 5 min, and remember max CPU temp(T1) in BIOS. Remember m/b temps & Vcore also. - Boot OSX, open console - Leave machine idle for 5 min to reach lowest temp - type thermo-oneshot (or thermo) in console (CPU temp in the response should be same as displayed by the widget) - Apply 100% load on the CPU (this can be achieved by typing: while true; do echo 1; done) and see if temp is rising fast. If so, that is CPU temp, but should be recalculated. Wait for another 5 min under heavy load, and record maximal temp (T2). NOTE: On full load M/B temp will rise as well as CPU, but much slower. You can easily change widget source to multiply reading by factor of K=(T1/T2) and display approx AMD temp. K should be around 2, I think. You may place Intel/AMD checkbox or correction factor sliders (multiplier K and constant C: Treal = K*Treported + C) in widget settings for example. Regards blagec
  12. Monitor your temperature under OSX

    Max temperature for _continious_ work is usually around 75C (depends of CPU), but I saw Intel's processor with dead fan working flawlessly at as high as 95C! Most modern CPU have thermal protection (throttling etc.) built in them, but they will work with the performance penalty in such circumstances. In extreme situations the CPU will shutdown. Even so, processor average life at operating temp (defined by manufacturer) will be decreased with raised temperature. Some components will die two time faster on average if temp is raised by 8C for example. On very high temps (above 100..120C) average CPU will be permanently damaged in very short time. I think that root cause of your problem might be non-fuctional CPU power management and Volt/freq scaling. Do you have AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext loaded? Some kernel dont work with this kext - and my CPU is much hotter without it! Some settings in BIOS can also make CPU hotter (QuietFan etc.) You should also try to enable SpeedStep if you can (especially on laptop). There are people with much more knowledge than me about this topic, and I am encouraging them to join this discussion - and to correct me if I said something wrong. Best Regards blagec
  13. Monitor your temperature under OSX

    Hi! I've made Thermal Monitor widget for DaemonES's thermo (See screenshot inside archive Installation: 0. Unpack archive provided here to /tmp for example 1. Install DaemonES's thermo (double click on thermo.pkg installer included in the archive), do not reboot! 2. Open root console, cd /tmp/blagecsThermoWidget 3. cp thermo-oneshot /sbin 4. chmod ugo+rx /sbin/thermo-oneshot 5. - reboot - 6. Open console as ordinary user and type: thermo-oneshot Your output should look like this: Cojy3:~/Desktop/Zeta blagec$ thermo-oneshot Press any key to exit. Winbond W83627EHF/EF, W83627EHG/EG. Sensor name SYS temp: 40.00 Winbond W83627EHF/EF, W83627EHG/EG. Sensor name CPU Temp: 44.00 Winbond W83627EHF/EF, W83627EHG/EG. Sensor name AUX Temp: 46.00 Winbond W83627EHF/EF, W83627EHG/EG. Sensor name CPU VCore: 1.24 Cojy3:~/Desktop/Zeta blagec$ If no sensors data is displayed, you have no luck ;( Abort mission 7. Double click on the widget icon. This will install the widget. Notes: * OS X 10.4.3 or higher requred. UPDATE: Leopard compatibility confirmed. * I have applied one small binary patch to genuine thermo binary and created thermo-oneshot in order this to work: sleep is removed and program ends immediately after first display cycle (instead of the endless loop). * Confirmed to work on ASUS P5PL2/C, 945PL Chipset + Intel Pentium D 915. Also tried on HP 7600dc + D820 without success. * This software and widget are provided for educational purposes only, without any warranty. Please support Apple - buy real Mac! * Many thanks to DaemonES! Best regards, blagec blagecsThermoWidget_1.zip
  14. Cmedia 8738

    Short answer is: probably no Output 100% works Input is shown in Sound Preferences but might not work SPDIF is not supported. Source is included - so somebody skilled might fix it in the future... I'm satisfied with output Regards
  15. Cmedia 8738

    I have compiled dogbert's CMI8738PCIAudioDriver.kext from source with XCode 2.4.1, and it works. I briefly looked into the source, and it looks safe and open source to me. GENERIC CMI8738 DRIVER ---- ONLY FOR OSX86 Tiger 10.4.9 !!! * For other versions compile from source * INSTALLATION: 0. login as root 1. Unpack CMI8738PCIAudioDriver.kext to /tmp/ for example 2. Do cd /System/Library/Extensions/ cp -r /tmp/CMI8738PCIAudioDriver.kext . chmod -R 755 CMI8738PCIAudioDriver.kext chown -R root:wheel CMI8738PCIAudioDriver.kext 3. Reboot -OR- try to load manually with: kextload CMI8738PCIAudioDriver.kext (Card info should be printed) Driver provided here is for educational purposes only, without any warranty. Please support Apple by bying real Mac! CMI8738PCIAudio_OSX86_10.4.9.zip