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  1. 10.7.2 iCloud

    I just downloaded the os x 10.7.2 beta and if i try and create an account it says I cannot create an account on this device any help?
  2. Acer Desktop help!

    After plugging my belkin wireless adapter into my computer it will now no longer boot, it says unknow device 'bt' and then reboots, any idea on how i can get my computer to boot? Tried -x -v -f etc. Thanks [i have also tried unplugging the bluetooth adapter] [sorry completely ballsed this post up :s its a belkin mini bluetooth adapter]
  3. Boot and logon screen resolution

    Hey, got my desktop working on lion 10.7.1, I'm now just tweaking it so it's all perfect, are there other methods to change the boot screen and logon resolution besides the Graphics Mode option at boot? I tried this and it didn't work, adding the string for resolution to my boot plist also didn't set the right resolution. (My graphics card is an nvidia 8600Gs) Thanks
  4. Help with my dell e520

    i don't have a memory stick anymore, anyway i somehow got the 10gb back, installed 10.8.3 and now im not sure about the updating process, Last time i tried this in leopard it Kp'd, is there a tutorial?
  5. Help with my dell e520

    Ok, sorry for starting 2 threads in as many days but i don't know where else to ask for help. The only os x install that goes succesfully is if i use kalyway 10.5.3. Any other installs i try (ideneb, iatkos s3) won't boot. My computer has a pentium d processor so i use a modded kernel. Any advice please? Also, is it possible that this has made me loose 10gb on my hard drive? I think it has :S
  6. Dell Dimension E520 upgrade to 10.5.8

    I really am new at this, how would i do the kernal thing, or the chameleon option? Thanks for the reply aswell
  7. Hey, i just installed kalyway 10.5.2 on my dell E520, pentium D, nvidia 7800gs, 1.5gb. I tried using software update to upgrade to 10.5.8 (so i could have the new safari). During the install my pc kernal panics and it says something on the top about incompatible cpu. Can anyone help me out here ? Thanks