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  1. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    Right. I have lost a day of my life and a considerable amount of my hair due to this ******* graphics card and now i am going to ask you lot for help! I have tried everything on this topic, i have downloaded every file and tried every method, but not once have i managed to boot into the OS with actual drivers installed. I am running the following: Asus P5VDC-X Mobo 1GB DDR2 RAM P4 @ 3GHz PNY GeForce 9500GT 512MB (dual dvi + hd vid out) Hitachi 250GB SATA iPC 10.5.6 with 9.5 voodoo kernal and minimal additions I want to cry. Money is tight at the moment so a new mac was out of the question and i thus decided to upgrade my ageing hackintosh with some new bits including a graphics card. Looks as if it was a bad move Please please please, i ask for your help. I am not trained in computers at all, but have taught myself a fair bit over the past 20 years, however the unix underpinnings involved in this great osx86 project are probably a step too far for me. In the past i have modified kexts with device ids with some success, but this one has me stumped. Its not made easier by the fact that the graphics performace without drivers means i cant see anything clearly anyway. Does anyone have a COMPLETE IDIOTS Guide to setting this right? I know there have been many but they are all still very complicated. Is it cheeky to ask if anyone has the card i have (PC World in the UK) and is prepared to send me files and walk me through? Thanks in advance.