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    [El Capitan] Unable to shutdown

    Heya, I had the same issue with 10.9. Turns out that I, too, run the Digidesign drivers for my old MBox 2 Mini which I haven't used in a while. I removed the Digidesign CoreAudio.plugin file from the HAL directory and all seems well now. This issue has been bugging me for years. Thanks for posting about it!
  2. Are you aware of any projects that currently port the Intel ixgbe 10GbE driver to Mac OS X for the Intel 82599 controller (Intel X520) etc?
  3. likeatiger

    Intel 82599 10GbE kext

    I, too, am searching for the above driver to run one of these in a Thunderbolt enclosure on a MacBook Pro. Small Tree Communications have developed drivers however they require you to purchase an Ethernet card from them directly at an inflated price which contains a particular device ID or flash on the EEPROM. Either one would need to somehow re-flash the Intel controller to be recognised by the Small Tree driver or modify the Small Tree drivers to support generic Intel cards.
  4. Hi, I've got the same problem on an HP DC7800. Third party drivers include the SATA fix, a Netgear USB NIC, the M-Audio Transit (we seem to have that in common) and a driver for the Broadcom PCI-E NIC since the Intel one doesn't work (although I found drivers for it so will do some testing..). Has anyone developed a workaround or a solution?
  5. So I've got the early 2008 17" MBP. The main complaint I have about this system is that it maxes out at 4GB RAM officially. Unofficially, a pair of 4GB sticks will work a treat in it except OSX doesn't seem to like it over 6GB and things slow down bigtime. Linux and Windows x64 support 8GB without any problems. I'm not going to point the finger at dual-channel since the P965 will do dual-channel for the first 4GB of the system... unless it's dual-channel addressability above 4GB that's the issue. The quesiton is - what is OSX doing internally to break the 8GB support? The new MBPs also have issues >4GB but the OS will simply not even access any RAM over 4GB. Since this all works fine on Mac Pros and hackintoshed systems, there surely must be a reason why 8GB RAM doesn't work properly on the portables - and I suspect this is a software limitation or something Apple need to resolve. Or maybe this very knowledgable and talented community can help! I figure that if it's possible to natively boot OSX on completely foreign hardware and get all sorts of things working, surely it's possible to get this simple limitation removed? I'd also be interested if Snow Leopard has the same problems. It's also possible, I read, to get the 10.5.5 OSX control panel and kexts for the mouse and input and use them to give full 4-finger multitouch support on the older MBPs.
  6. I will attempt this with the HP DC7800 sometime next week!
  7. likeatiger

    how to update -v with kalyway 10.5.3?

    Hi, THen what would happen to my system?? wouldn't it no longer boot into gui?
  8. Hi, As per title, I've update dto 10.5.3 and now my system gets stuck booting just after the firewire loads. I'm running PC-EFI v8. Where am I supposed to be running this 'update -v' command and if it's from the boot loader, how do I do this without the Darwin bootloader or do I need to update boot.plist? thanks!
  9. likeatiger

    Intel 82566 NIC

    I, too, am looking for this magical driver however I am unable to find a link to download it... does anyone know where I may get it
  10. Hi, I am currently running 10.5.2 with this KEXT. If I update to 10.5.3 will my kext be overwritten and are tehre any known issues caused by the 10.5.3 update that might break things with this kext? thanks
  11. likeatiger

    What network cards work?

    Hi, I'm after a PCI-Express x1 NIC that will work - low profile preferred but as long as the bracket is completely removable, this is okay. Any suggestions?
  12. Hi, I've got an HP dc7800 with onboard gigabit ethernet - this claims to use the Intel 82566DM controller which is unsupported under OSX... I also have a PCI-Express x1 Intel Pro/1000 PT desktop NIC, based on the 82572GM chipset. Again, not suported... Strike 3 is an Intel Pro/1000MT desktop NIC. PCI 32-bit, this one seems to 'work' in OSX but doesn't detect link.. and if I plug a cable into the NIC with a link on it, the lights will flash on the back indicating link (and the switch reports link up) hwoever after about 5 minutes, the kernel panics. What the heck?!?! My current solution is a Netgear USB NIC however as I have three perfectly good gigabit NICs, I'd ideally like to use one of those if I can. The interesting thing here is a company called Small Tree (www.small-tree.com) sell rebranded Intel Pro/1000 PT NICs as their own and supply perfectly working drivers! Unfortunately merely changing the device ID in the kext seems to fail and claim an unsupported device ID. Maybe we have some creative people here who can hack some sense into the Small Tree kexts to work with the Pro/1000 PT? thanks for any help!
  13. Hi, Oddness - I tried replacing the old kext (10.5.2) with this one and it didn't find the device at all... previously the Apple provided kext was intermittently working/not working (would not find boot device) in IDE mode. Only the two SATA chanels were working. I am running an HP dc7800 small form factor system that has only IDE and RAID options for the SATA - no AHCI. Renaming the new kext and having the original kext present has solved the problem (strangely enough). The DC7800s have three SATA ports SATA0, SATA1 and SATA4. SATA0 and 1 worked with the original kext but now SATA4 works with the setup I described. If anybody knows why I need to have both kexts, let me know
  14. likeatiger

    Network Solution for Leopard

    Using the FA120 with what I believe are the same (or similar drivers) on 10.5.1. Worked a treat, given my Intel PCI-E Gigabit on the P35 system I have (HP dc7800) doesn't even get picked up... Trying to get a Pro/1000 MT PCI going in there but the card won't detect link (and will crash out the kernel). So far, this USB ethernet trick is allowing me to get my system working!
  15. likeatiger


    I briefly tested a disk on my P5E WS Pro board and it appeared to see disks on most SATA ports but I don't have them all populated... only six of them are ICH9R based so I'm not sure what the other two (well, four ports incl. the two eSATA) are doing.