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  1. Things We Want To See In Leopard

    Ever tried that?
  2. NO "Top Secrets"

    I think selling a $2,000 computer instead of a $100 software will make them (including me) much happier. Apple will not do that, IMHO.
  3. Is Leapord Turning into Vista

    It is not late, is it? Apple said that it's coming "this spring", and so it will be late only if it does not ship before June 21st. So, they still have almost three months to do it.
  4. The end is near!

    There were some blog posts like this one in January, and I guess he is referring to these news: http://applerecon.com/2007/01/24/apple-tv-...y-expectations/ I don't know how reliable this information is, and I also don't really have an opinion on what the definition of "lots" should be here. Is it 100,000 units, 300,000 units, 1M? But if the post is correct, at least Apple was thinking that 100,000 is enough, so according to them, there are "lots" of preorders.
  5. Apple posted today some information about the upcoming WWDC event. I tried to go trough the materials looking for clues about the rumored new GUI, but didn't really find anything. But the Mac OS X Essentials section does give a hint regarding ZFS: