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  1. I ran into this, too... do you use SteerMouse and/or a Logitech mouse? Here, from another unnamed forum, is a post I made today: --------- OK, just spent some time troubleshooting an odd problem I have had since I installed OS X Lion. The symptoms: * When I boot, * If set to boot to desktop, gets there but the mouse and keyboard do not seem to work for about 10 minutes - except the mouse pointer will move. No clicks or button presses work, though. Then all is fine. * If set to go to login screen, gets there and does the same thing - then once I can log in all is fine. * Does the same thing if I boot with Option and then go to the Recovery "drive" After the 10 minutes, though, all seems fine. After much troubleshooting, this is what I found (with the help of a *wonderful* Apple tech): First: I use a Logitech MX518 (8 button mouse) with a third party driver (SteerMouse). I also have an Apple mouse and a Logitech 3 button mouse with the label missing - I just looked at the Logitech site and did not see it listed there any more. So be it: I will just call it the Logitech 3B. The above symptoms happen under the following conditions: * SteerMouse installed: if the Logitech MX518 or the Logitech 3B attached. Either way, 10 minute delay. All is fine with the Apple mouse. * SteerMouse *not* installed: if the Logitech MX518 is attached but *not* if the Logitech 3B is attached (or the Apple mouse) My guess: Apple made changes to the way input devices work with Lion (clearly they added gestures and the like). I wonder how long until others start reporting similar oddities - and how long until Apple corrects this. -- Prescott Computer Guy