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  1. USB sound not working after security update

    no one knows of any usb drivers for audio?...
  2. I just updated my osx with the new software security update that came out.. i used teh Software Update.app for amd processors. After it was done my usb sound no longer works. Does any body know what i can do to get it working again??
  3. Onboard audio for asus m2a-vm

    I've installed most of the drivers i could find and nothing worked..i'll search again tho..Can you send me a link to this post with the drivers that worked for you?!? i can't find anything that works...
  4. ALC883 finally 5.1 sound !

    sorry guys i'm a noob at this im just wondering how i can unload and load the new kext that are in this zip?? everytime i try and replace it says i dont have permissions but i do and when i try to delete the old AppleHDA.kext it says that another package is in use or something... can someone tell me how to install this and get it working for my realtek alc883??
  5. Onboard audio for asus m2a-vm

    I can't get my audio to work and i know it runs the realtek alc883 codec but i tried downloading and installing those patches but nothing is working.. is there someone out there that has got this sound card working.. or even the old soundblaster cards?!
  6. Marvin's AMD Utility

    for the noobs out there.. can we get a tutorial on how to apply this patch to the x86 iso or the leopard.dmg image...
  7. Intel Wireless driver

    Hey JustJoe thanks for the response.. but that sollution didn't work. i ran the code i rebooted and tried to install the new dmg again and it still gave me the error "Nothing to install" i really want to get this working..
  8. Intel Wireless driver

    Just Can someone please help me remove all the old files for the iw2200 driver.. everytime i want to install the new dmg i get an error say "there is nothing to install".... how can I fix this?!?! I have been looking for an answer for awhile now.
  9. Intel Wireless driver

    So i downloaded the lastes iwi2200.dmg and when i run it and press install i get a dialog that says.. "you cannot continue.. there is nothing to install." what is that about??
  10. GMA900 package from the Jas 10.4.7

    mine worked great too, but i want vlc to work and right now i need the gma packages to get that working i believe.
  11. Intel Wireless driver

    So this was working perfect for me earlier today. I connected to the networked. browsed the internet, never crashed. But now all i get is a blinking light on my laptop where its supposed to be solid and i can't connect to any networks, but it says my airport is connected... just wondring if anyone else has this problem anything I can submit to help debug?
  12. NO worries, your idea was correct something just got screwd.. so i stuck in my install cd and did a repair and all is well and photoshop works great thanks
  13. GMA900 package from the Jas 10.4.7

    found the packages.. not sure if they are going to help with my quartz problem
  14. GMA900 on laptop boots to blue screen

    wire trick worked great for me
  15. I would like to get QE/CI with my gma 900.. and I dont want to download the whole jas 10.4.7 release does someone have the gma900 package from that dvd I can grab so I can get QE/CI working please