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  1. Impossible Nvidia Graphics Issues

    I'm not getting an installation error. It takes me over an hour to reach the installer. it seems useless to try and run the installer. i've installed via c.h.a.m.e.l.e.o.n and then installed clover on the finished install but, cannot boot after that. I hang up on "AppleUSBEHCI[0xffffff80110cd00]::UIMInitialize"
  2. Impossible Nvidia Graphics Issues

    I'm using the same 8gb stick that I use for my c.h.a.m.e.l.e.o.n installs. I tried moving to the rear USB slots but, had no luck there either. I saw another post where someone had the same issue. they installed with c.h.a.m.e.l.e.o.n then flashed clover to the HDD after the install was complete. I'm attempting that now. If that doesn't work, I may try Niresh 10.10 (although I've read Final Cut Pro does not play well with non-vanilla kernels).
  3. Impossible Nvidia Graphics Issues

    Thank you for the suggestions! I tried both but, both methods still boot in USB 1.0 speeds (takes an hour to boot to the installer) To speed things up, I wiped my HDD, made two partitions, and installed the installer & clover on one and tried to boot from that (using the same legacy settings as the USB). No luck, it crashes a few seconds into booting.
  4. Impossible Nvidia Graphics Issues

    Here's what I'm not understanding, Last night I took the 10.10.2 build from the dell (chameleon, boots fine, no ce/qi, finder crashes, etc), I plugged it into my other hackintosh (older gigabyte 775 socket). and it ran perfectly fine.
  5. Impossible Nvidia Graphics Issues

    I haven't been able to find a decent guide for a "legacy" clover setup. when I create a clover usb using the "tonymacx86" guide, it boots at usb 1.0 speeds
  6. Impossible Nvidia Graphics Issues

    Well. I tried chris1111's method without success. wiped my mavericks build in the process. any other suggestions? I tried installing clover over top of my 10.10 chameleon install. no dice there either.
  7. Impossible Nvidia Graphics Issues

    I tried installing clover using an older guide (on YouTube) but received a different kernel panic before reaching the installer. It seems like every guide I use it completely different. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a "legacy" install? Also, is it possible to just install clover over top of my current "Chameleon install" as opposed to wiping/reinstalling?
  8. Impossible Nvidia Graphics Issues

    I've tried chimera 4.0.1,4.1.0, and the latest version of chameleon. Agreed, I don't think its a coincidence though that none of my (previously functional) Nvidia cards work on 10.10 in the machine. Every build I've used has been vanilla. I can try again with clover but, I could never get the installer to run probably. It was if i was stuck at USB 1.0 speeds. It look a little over an hour to boot into the installer (which was then unusable). I used Tonymac's guide I don't remember seeing any "legacy" options (despite being mentioned in the guide) but, I can give it another shot this evening.
  9. Impossible Nvidia Graphics Issues

    Yes, i've tried that (along with the latest web driver) graphicsenabler=y/n pcirootuid=1/0 npci=0x2/3000 dart=0 etc,etc,etc You name it, i've tried it. The thing is, EVERYONE say the gtx 760 world flawlessly, out of the box on OS X built-in drivers. it should not be giving me issues. my computer seems to have some problem with Nvidia stuff but, only in Yosemite.
  10. Impossible Nvidia Graphics Issues

    Hey guys, I have a dell t7400 xeon 5472 processors I can't get my nvidia graphics to work, no matter what boot flags or web drivers i use. It appears I have some underlying issue. i've tried the following: quadro fx 5600: runs perfectly in mavericks, KP's in yosemite. 9600gt: runs perfectly in mavericks, no video output in Yoesmite gtx 760: runs perfectly in maverics, no qe/ci in yosemite and finder/dock/screensaver crashes constantly. The one constant I've find in the crash logs in "com.apple.geforcegldriver" I've tried this with several different builds of 10.10 including a 10.10.2 build that's ben running on another hackintosh for months without any graphics issues. for some reason, on this machine (and only in yosemite) i can't get nvidia graphics to work correctly. I'm posting from said hack right now (booted with -x). I've been pulling my hair out for weeks. I'm ready to leave it on mavericks and sell the thing (I need the latest for FCPX)...
  11. 10.7.2 killed my hackintosh!

    hey guys, sorry for the late reply. I'll try replacing those kexts but, like i said. sled didn't work for me even in 10.7 or 10.7.1 when i send the pc to sleep the screen simply goes blank and the computer shuts off. when i turn the power back on, it restarts at the bios.
  12. 10.7.2 killed my hackintosh!

    hmmm... well, the only thing in my /extra/extensions folder is FakeSMC And yes, I do have a DSDT.aml file in /extra. but, for the record, sleep never did work for me, even on 7.1 Thanks
  13. 10.7.2 killed my hackintosh!

    success!! Suer enough folks... it was the old bootloader. I'm not so skilled in terminal so, I used the newest GUI installer I could find (r1716?). First, I just threw the 10.7 HD in my old pentium 4 hackintosh (10.5) and tried to install chameleon to the secondary (10.7) drive. For some reason, that didn't work. I searched around the house and found an old "snow leopard installer"-flashed USB drive. I was able to install the newest chameleon on that. I was able to boot from that usb, into my 10.7.2 install and everything worked fine. Once i was successfully booted into 10.7.2 I was finally able to install chameleon on the 10.7 drive. phew. thanks for the help guys! There are still afew other things i would like to fix (sleep and proper ethernet drivers) but, I'm scared i'll break something again... should an auto dsdt patcher fix this? ([url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]?)
  14. 10.7.2 killed my hackintosh!

    sweet! thanks! I'll check it out later on. I'm spent for tonight... I'll keep you guys updated as i figure things out.
  15. 10.7.2 killed my hackintosh!

    okay... is this what you meant to link me to? http://builds.voodooprojects.org/builds/Xcode4.1/ down at the bottom 1716 appears to be the newest version posted (in this particular location) however... when i try to install it, the chameleon installer hangs up on "writing package reciept" i guess i'll try an older version... I'll get back with you guys