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  1. Hello everyone ! Iv'e managed to install mavericks on Gigabye H81 with on board Graphics (Intel HD 4600).. I had problem with the VRAM on the graphic it didn't got to 1024MB always on 64MB, Finally I got it to 1024MB by updating to 10.9.5 Install IntelAzul kext and using chameleon 2.3 with GraphicsEnabler=Yes IntelAzulFB=10. anyway, my problem is the graphic is poor, everything works laggy when it comes to Graphics.. I thought the VRAM thing will solve the problem but still nothing... I wanted to know if everyone here had or saw this problem and knows how to solve it? another problem I got is I can't make the audio works.. I tried ALC892 so far.. and nothing Thanks !!!
  2. GaLx

    hard drive not recognize

    You right and im sorry and edited it, im writing from my tab so i forget to write things (not that comfort)
  3. Hello! Im trying to install the mountain lion gm on MSI p35 neo motherboard and in the installation I cant see any of my hard drives (sata) anyone know why and how to make it work? Thanks.
  4. I just installed Mountain Lion GM with myhack, it runs very well I had to install AppleHDA for sound but now I have one problem with my keyboard and mice they work great but I cant use some buttons until installing Intellipoint - Microsoft Well now any time I restart or turn on my computer I need to get into the System Preferences and click on the Intellipoint to make it work ( it needs to work Automatically, It doesn't recognize my mice and keyboard as Microsoft until I get into the System Preferences.. I'm not sure if anyone except me has this issue but I hope you have a solution Thanks !
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    Lion GM Graphic Card

    Well, I deleted the NVEnabler and I found a Hex key that match to my Graphic Card and I entered it into my com.apple.boot.plist in the SystemConfiguration folder and still nothing... =\ any other ideas ? .. ):
  6. Hey guys, Finally I installed Lion GMEverything works except graphic card and soundAs I wrote I have nvidia 9500 GT graphic cardWhen I used NVenabler kext It recognized The card but I got a blank/dark screen .. Someone in the forum told me to swap some kexts from snow Leo , I did it and still same prob .. So if somebody can help, thanks!! If it's matter my board is MSI 945gcm lv 2