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  1. Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    Hey, how did you configure CPUInjector, i.e., which values did you use in info.plist for the S12's Atom CPU? I did not find the correct values by looking at http://digitaldj.net/2009/10/01/cpu-detect...5-extreme-pack/ or anywhere else. Also, I am using VoodooHDA 0.2.6 but I get terrible feedback from the speakers and audio seems to be crackling. Did you encounter similar issues? Also, which smbios.plist do you use and where did you put it? Best & thanks
  2. Stay Tuned Folks

    awww link please
  3. aaaaand..... sse2? don't forget sse2
  4. Stay Tuned Folks

    dome, i can refer you to http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...2865&st=180 the problem i told you about above doesn't seem to exist in that extend anymore, i got a acpicputhrottle.kext with all states enabled and besides choppy audio and somewhat slower UI-Animations ( just a little slower, no great annoyance ) when below the max frequency it works. it's a tradeoff between battery time when on-the-go and audio performance that i'm willing to make. maybe read the last posts of that topic and send me a PM for the kext, even if i can't assure you that it will work for AMD cpus.
  5. ok i was recalling the discussion with niall over the acpicputhrottle on 8.6.1 sse2 kernel, where this "not updating according to speeds under 1 ghz" was not fixable. maybe on sse3 cpu there never was that problem. i downloaded the fixed acpicputhrottle.kext based on apci ( not direct drive, will try it now ) you posted in this thread and it had all the powerstates below 1 ghz disabled ( but works (more or less) on the new speedstep kernel), so i really have no experience with speeds below 1 ghz on the new 8.8.1 sse2 speedstep kernel. i think i still have an old acpi acpicputhrottle.kext with all states enabled, maybe that will work. as soon as i get a frequency below 1 ghz we'll see if the problem is still there. ok i loaded my old kext with all states enabled and it worked. not really so. on manual switching with sysctl -w kern.cputhrottle_curfreq=xxx where xxx = 600,800,1000,1200,1700 the throttle will sometimes succeed and other times not. the audio is scratchy whenever the kext is loaded and the playback speed of mp3 varies with the frequency... it is comically slow with 600 and normal at 1700, but the audio scratchiness recovers after a while on one frequency. the speed of animations ( dock, minimizing etc ) varies with the clockspeed but the system never becomes so unbearably sluggish as others seem to experience... regarding the auto-fsb detect to turn off, i don't know how
  6. Stay Tuned Folks

    afaik and from what i've understood from the discussions between neill ( who did the original acpicputhrottle ) and the forum the problem lies not in apci or direct drive, but in the fact that mac os uses the cpu clock to calculate the duration of some timers that determine the behavior of the GUI and with clocks lower than 1 ghz the algorithm used by apple is severely messed up due to some thing that has to do with a multiplication of something with something else and a factor "20". well, i THINK i remember that way. if you are interested, search all the posts by neill douglas, but it was clear at the time that either apple could fix it or it would not be possible to have powerstates below 1 ghz.
  7. Stay Tuned Folks

    with only two powerstates like that speedstepping will be quite useless for you, since powerstates below 1 ghz are buggy currently and thus not usable i have the same problem, my centrino has a lot of powerstates but only a few enabled under mac os
  8. the sluggishness is an old problem, was there already with the 8.6.1 kernel and nialls kext did not enable acpi powerstates below or equal 1 ghz in order to avoid the problem and he did not see any possibility to correct the bug. rathalos, you seem to be using a kext with all powerstates enabled, try loading the acpicputhrottle kext based on acpi ( not direct drive! ) posted here by kiko a few pages ago which has the inappropriated powerstates disabled.
  9. Stay Tuned Folks

    whoa, it works. finally speedstep on sse2! now we only need the new cputhrottler. can i betatest?
  10. Stay Tuned Folks

    i am toying with the idea to reinstall a 10.4.6 with 8.6.1 kernel.. even if i need to launch itunes as ppc-app... the throttling ability is so very much important for a laptop user like me, even if only down to 1200 ( on windows i can even use 600 mhz.. great battery life ).. i am willing to sacrifice a little battery life to have mac os ( until a macbook comes along ) running, but always 1700 mhz sucks quite a bit
  11. Stay Tuned Folks

    first unlucky users like us must wait for a solution to throttle under 8.8.1 kernel and SSE2 :(
  12. Stay Tuned Folks

    this will be great when the new kernel with sse2 and speedstep support will have been released! the last real big problem solved
  13. hi! have you made any progress on the ene 1410? i have got one too... if you need any help drop me a private message, maybe i can help.. i'd surely like to
  14. Installed OSX on my Vaio UX180P but...

    you can go to that thread all the same... also 3945 is "supported". http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/ is the official page you can only connect to open networks at this time... you may want to get an usb wlan stick while waiting for that brave people coding to get more features into the driver in order to render it more usable. go to the x86 wikis to find out the usb wlan thingies supported.