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  1. I've been away for a while and haven't stayed current for he last couple year since OSx86 was actually a doable thing. Doable was not quite usable at the time though. The hardware I am looking at using it on is an HP/Compaq 8510p notebook. Intel T7300, 4gb RAM, ATI HD 2600, SATA 250gb hd, DVD-RW, and such. Is OSx86 usable as a primary OS now? How much functionality would be lost? Does the power management function completely to include sleep and battery management? How would the performance compare to Vists x64? Are the graphics drivers working? Is the 3d performance adequate for WoW and similar games? It's a bit and I have searched (rtfm, use the search, wtf, I know), but I can't seem to find any recent posts regarding the HP 8510p. Also I have an Acer One Aspire that might be a candidate. There seems to be active work on that front though. Most things work minus the wifi (sort of, but not consistent) and sleep. That will wait as I am a major user of sleep through shutting the laptop, tossing it in my bag, and opening it again 5 hrs or 5 days later.