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    [How To] Intel DG35EC Guide

    I can't seem to get firewire to work, I've had my system runing mac for a couple of years now, and I've never felt the need to fix my firewire, had a PCI firewire card installed, all worked well. But now my onboard ethernet got fried and I need the PCI slot to install a new ethernet card. I need working firewire to use my audio console but..., as I said before can't find a Kext for the DG35EC onboard 1394. For now I'm using a usb ethernet and it works well, but since I'm runin 10.7.3 I can't access iCloud, App Store, etc. My research tells me that I need a internal ethernet card in order for this services to run, PCIe cards are unavailable where I live. So basically I'm left with the only option of getting onboard FW to work. Can someone please help me find this Kext?? Assitance would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for poor english, not my native language. GOT IT FIXED!!!! Just had to disable HPET on BIOS