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  1. Anyone could provide steps to upgrade to Yosemite on 10.9.5 chameleon ? Or provide SSDT,DSDT,kexts required. Clover or UEFI is not an option since i am on dual boot with win8 Cheers My attempts with various #beast guides end of with installation screen but bar doesnt fill as image attached
  2. @mackyreddy i agree that macos uses too much resources and also asks you to upgrade to a new version to use certain software. Like i can use most of the software i use with XP on win8.1 but cant use xcode on older versions. Thats the main reason that i try to upgrade all the time. Still i wonder if it behaves same on a real mac too. anyone ?
  3. using chameleon with 10.9.3 mostly working except Audio anybody ?
  4. anyone can upload mavericks kexts pls. ? Ive managed to install 10.9.3 using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] method not sure about DSDT and SSDTs. Also some kexts causing problems. + Cant seem to make bootloader work so for now booting with USB. Any help appreciated.
  5. Ok. what about burning a Iatkos L2 DVD and booting from there and choosing usb from boot screen. Easiest way is download Iatkos L2, edit via transmac (add machine specific ssdt / dsdt) and save as iatkosl2safe.dmg than burn it to a DVD. Either install iatkosl2 first than use usb to install ML2 or use that DVD only to boot to usb. U can use files from the link below for L2 installation. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hyshqhghoc32rv8/10.7.2%20Dell%20XPS%2017%20L702x%20Kexts.rar im a noob as you are so just saying how i managed to install.
  6. I already have a modded bios ?!? should i reflash ? one more thing .. it doesnt remember brightness settings. Each time i reboot brightness set to maximum wonder if meantime any fix came up for it. Im on 10.8.4.
  7. @MBdip i just reinstalled Iatkos ML2 than 10.8.4 using the guide on first post. let me break down what i did. using iatkos ml2 dmg burned it to a usb drive via transmac app. (right click on usb drive and restore from disk image) Changed boot from bios and enabled uefi boot. (u need modded bios for that I have A19 modded bios you can find link on this forum) Booted from usb and installed ML2 as in mackyreddy's guide than from windows replaced ssdt + dsdt (I used regular dsdt not non-nvidia) Booted to completed setup (entering username etc.) ML installed 10.8.4 combo update / removed unnecessary texts / installed kexts Installed Chameleon and all works My system is (non-3d 2670QM / 8GB ram) got 10302 geekbench score. (if you are having problem on boot use -v -x until you complete installation after that its not needed. PS i used the usb port on the right side of the laptop) Only problem i have is it doesnt wake up after sleep. and it never worked for me.. Waiting for help on that
  8. i dont even know how to use them .. never heard a guide relating usage of those from mackyreddy + 1 for how to use them
  9. i remember same thing happened to me. If you prepared the usb correctly than try with another usb port. It happened to me that it didnt work but with one specific usb. in my case worked on the usb on right side of the laptop.
  10. i suggest you to use nvidia-off ssdt .. that was solution to all my problems.
  11. [@webcivilian i assume we can use this Fakesmc to update ours. Do we need to update our ssdt ? anyway we can get updated ssdt for other cpus like 2670QM ?
  12. After long tried i purchased a AR5B195 internal wireless and replaced with Intel n1030. using kexts from kexts.com made it work. So now i have a working wireless. I still have problem with sleep though. 2670QM cpu. using n-vidia off dsdt. Any ideas ?
  13. Anybody found a way that we can disable optimus and enable only Nvidia via bios ? i have gone through all settings but none seem to have any effect.
  14. I have exactly same configuration as you.. and it worked out of the box as i described above. I recommend using DVD method which i succeed every time. Just followed Mcreddy guide + Iatkos DMG (burned via transmac in Win) after changed ssdt dsdt. used nvidia off dsdt.. Im sure you are missing a simple point only. Only reason not to boot at all would be wrong ssdt and dsdt i think.