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  1. max414

    MacBook Air 2009 And Windows 7

    r u all guys angry with me ;-(
  2. max414

    MacBook Air 2009 And Windows 7

    hello e1 at macforums ??? no1 here can help ?
  3. max414

    MacBook Air 2009 And Windows 7

    I want to install windows 7 on my macbook air 2009 (1.86 c2d, 2gb 120ssd) I am Running Lion 10.7.2 I downloaded Windows 7 32bit sp1 in .iso form When I launch bootcamp assistant(4.0.1) the option to create a boot usb from iso is greyed out, I can't select it Help guys I am using a transcend 16gb usb device , that is bootable . plx help anybody I know the usb option is not available for macbook pro , but it should be available for macbook air ???
  4. Do i need to flash Hacked Bios? I got 2343 On geek bench , t5470 1.6ghz and 2gb ram ..is that good enough? And cpu temperatures ranging from 35 to 50 degree centigrade ( 35 In Airconditioning environment )
  5. Finally I am able to Dual boot with Snow leopard 10.6.8 And Windows xp sp3 On my Hp6720s. 1.I installed retailed 10.6 2.Update it to 10.6.8 ,it asked for a restart..(i dint) 3.Installed hp compaq 6720s installer with Graphic tweak for full resolution 4.Installed chameleon that came with the boot cd 0.3 5.Restart Note: i didn't do anything with my bios Is that all? Or do I need to anything with the dsdl.aml that are included in the extra folder on the boot disc? Problems I am experiencing so far. 1. Loading of mac x dull, i don't like that a lot text on my screen , perhaps anything better out there? 2. I notice that my machine gets hot easily when on mac compared to windows,(if there a way i can statistically judge and correct it? ) 3. My Bluetooth is not getting recognized by SL I Have attached my report from AIDA64 Report.htm
  6. To all the senior members, I am being ignored again n again, I know this is something important that u guys are working on, but can u just spare a minute for new members like me I wish to ask How can I Dual boot Snow leopard & windows xp for instance. I installed snow leopard 10.6, formatted my hdd(Guid) with two partitions 50 gb mac extended jouranled format to install mac osx 60 gb as fat(msdos) to install win xp After I finished installing mac and chameleon bootloader I tried to install xp on fat partition(it formatted to ntfs) ,but after copying files setup restarted and gave me hall.dll error Any Guide that i can follow? or Any instructions for me plz? I am using hpcompaq6720s with 1.6 ghz core2duo
  7. Hey guys, I am using HpCompaq6720s(c2d t5470 @1.6ghz)(2gb ram) machine with a broadcom wifi card. I desire to run snow leopard on it. Right now i am using windows 7 sp1 x86.. I have the 10.6 retail disc written to a 16gb usb and hp boot cd 0.3(written to cd-r) Now the prob is when I boot through the hp boot cd 0.3 and run the mac installer ,it tells me to repartition my hard disk using the GUID table , I dont want to lose my windows 7 and all my data is There anyway i can avoid deleting everything on my hard drive ? And with the latest updates/fixes , What compatibility issues would i have with 10.6 installation? I read the broadcom wifi works, is that correct? I read that there is a hacked bios with a white list removed , do i need to install that and replace my wifi card? or my boroadcom would work just fine?