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  1. Dell Latitude E6420

    Check #12 The DSDT included there fixes the shutdown problem + you can remove GraphicsEnabler=yes
  2. Dell Latitude E6420

    Well, not really... I tried everything I could in order to put sleep without luck... It probably has to do with either PowerManagement or with USB. Last thing I was trying was to disconnect the Broadcom modem as it is not properly recognized by OSX and is connected internally to the USB. Was worth a try but it required a lot of unscrewing so I ended up giving up on that path hoping that wasn't the issue. The trackpad is solvable though, just either try all the Kexts out there or if you've got some developper (Darwin Kernel) skills you can try hacking the VoodooPS2 source code that's out there. Same goes for card reader... Have fun ! I hope you can get this stuff worked out !
  3. Dell Latitude E6420

    Guys I ended up buying a Macbook Pro, and thus I will stop developping for the Dell Hackintosh.
  4. Dell Latitude E6420

    Nope, it's not possible without "heavy" development. (maybe with bumblebee but even then it would require a ton of time which personally I don't have)
  5. Dell Latitude E6420

    Yep, as I told in the original post, triple screen is not working...
  6. Dell Latitude E6420

    Try to install Realtek drivers from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. Also, if you are unable to click anywhere while experimenting with different Trackpad kexts, it is an incompatibility with the pointing stick (the joystick between G/H/B keys). Touch that pointing stick until you can click again.
  7. Dell Latitude E6420

    That's what I was thinking... Can you try to create an account on a different Mac and then connect ? To be honest I have no idea... I don't have any SD card to try atm. But I guess that means it's not working for you ? I'll check to see if I can fix this.
  8. Dell Latitude E6420

    run sudo rm /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist from terminal Then reboot
  9. Dell Latitude E6420

    Did you try creating a new account ?
  10. Dell Latitude E6420

    Could you elaborate ? What error are you getting ? For me it's working great...
  11. Dell Latitude E6420

    Download Chameleon Wizard and generate a new serial number (smbios.plist) Update: Not much of a progress, but here is the latest DSDT. It doesn't require GraphicsEnabler=yes anymore dsdt_nvidia_injected.zip
  12. Dell Latitude E6420

    Yes this is caused by GraphicsEnabler=yes. I will try injecting the graphics through DSDT and keep you updated. (still no luck on sleep so far... )
  13. Dell Latitude E6420

    To get volume control working, you can use Soundflower (http://code.google.com/p/soundflower/) and redirect sound from preferences to Soundflower (2ch). Then, using SoundFlower task bar icon, you select Speaker (Analog). This will fix the volume control, however this can cause KPs due to a bug in Soundflower. Please experiment and tell me how this works out for you.
  14. Dell Latitude E6420

    To see if speedstep is working, download MSRDumper: http://www.insanelym...howtopic=258612 Then, using Terminal, go to the folder where you put the MSRDumper and run sudo chown -R root:wheel MSRDumper.kext sudo kextload MSRDumper.kext tail -f /var/log/kernel.log Then play with your computer and watch the output of the terminal. You should see all the PStates (current and all reached). For me this goes from 8 to 32. Glad to hear that How is it with sound/battery/etc... ? You can download Chameleon Wizard: http://www.insanelym...howtopic=257464
  15. Dell Latitude E6420

    Also note that I have installed a different wifi chip (Atheros). I originally had the Centrino Ultimate-N but no way that this chip is ever going to work with MacOSX.