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  1. I used the P5KE_SnowPack2.zip and almost everything works. Looking for a little advice on the following: - UUID error 35 (but fixed w/ the PlatformUUID.kext). Not sure if that fixes Time Machine. Haven't tested TM either. - Sleep works, but my USB keyboard/mouse don't come back up when it wakes. Any ideas? - Using the dsdt.aml that comes in the zip. Should I make my own? - com.apple.Boot.plist is default from the zip, with the exception of the device-property I added for my video card (I couldn't get the chameleon GraphicsEnabled=y to work w/ my Quadro3700). If anyone has their exact set of kexts they are using, I'd like to take a look. Thanks for the great guide.
  2. Gigabyte P35-DS3R Thread

    Do you mind posting what steps you took to go from 10.4.8 to 10.4.10? Or point to another thread you may have followed? I am thinking about picking one of these boards up.
  3. I followed this same tutorial and 99% works fine for me. Many thanks to gdog and those who contributed. Only difference for me is a different video card. My system has 7800 gtx card. I used a natit 0.1 driver I found referenced by another thread and it worked fine. I do have one quirky behavior though. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this. My secondary display works fine, except when I reboot. After the OS loads, (I get the mirrored apple logo), the secondary display turns off as if unplugged from video card. The only way I can get an image/desktop to display is to open preferences and click another resolution or mirrormy primary display temporarily. Not a big deal since I don't reboot too often. Has anyone else seen this?
  4. Ping! Anyone have updates on this? I have spare hardware to play with and I'd like to see if anyones managed to get functionality on a S5000 board.