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  1. Heya guys, I have set the screen res a bit high on the Eee, now all I get is a white screen at boot, tried graphics mode et. And nothing seems to help, is there another way of changing res before boot? Sorry bout the post, did it on the iPhone! Thanks in advance XeKToReX
  2. Heya guys, I've got myself an Eee PC 701SD 8GB and Have iPC 10.5.6 running on it, having a lot of drama getting the trackpad working, have installed VoodooPS2 and that seems to have fixed the keyboard not working, Im currently using a mini USB mouse fine.. When installing I chose: Voodoo 9.5 Intel ICHx SATA Chipset ACPI Fix CPUS=1 Fix Havent started working on Wlan etc yet, but I will once I have a mouse working. Bit of an OSX newbie, but im a very quick learner, so dont be shy! Any help appreciated! XeKToReX
  3. What network cards work?

    I have a 3Com 3C905C-TX and a Intel Pro/100+ Both PCI, both work, problem is, dunno which ones which, and neither will recieve a DHCP IP from my modem. XeKToReX