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  1. 5870 up and running 64 bit natively

    I use a Gigabyte one myself and am very pleased with the results it is giving me. Although I use the rom from netkas, because without it, I can't use all 4 ports. So basically, I'm running a XFX rom on a Gigabyte card and the fan is working better then it did with the original rom also. When I used the original rom, the backplate was steaming hot and now it feels like very cold actually. As if it isn't even on. It only starts to heat up a little when doing intense 3D and thats the only time the fan goes up in speed, keeping everything smooth. I'm using the Kabyl boot file, but am still suffering from the screen going black once and a while at boot up. As mentioned before, that goes away when I switch resolutions back and forth.
  2. 5870 up and running 64 bit natively

    No thx needed, we are here to help each-other out Thx for the tip Trauma, it does work with the new boot. One question: why do I have to switch resolutions for the main resolution to stay stable? Let me explain: once booted up, my main display will go dark and up again every 10 seconds, unless I switch to a lower res and then back to the main res. After that, all stays stable. Thx for any advice. EDIT: I removed the UseAtiROM from com.apple.boot.plist and the going black seems to be gone. I also reflashed the card to a backed up rom, but the result was that I could not use all ports at once. So I reflashed it with netkas's rom and now I can use all ports again. Weird stuff, but I do have 4 displays connected and working with netkas's rom. Some glitch? One more thing: I ran a couple of intensive 3D apps and some games to see if the fans react. So far so good. Could it be possible to make some kind of fan speed controller like Catalyst has? Just to make sure we don't burn out the card when it gets to hot? I used to put the card to 70% fan speed when using intensive apps, but now its all automatic. Maybe thats a good thing, but still, I like to have control over it.
  3. 5870 up and running 64 bit natively

    Absolutelly. It works just fine as before, but it is impossible to hook up all the ports with displays, that only works in OS X for me.
  4. 5870 up and running 64 bit natively

    You have the same config I do, so I don't see why it wouldn't work on your hackintosh. Just make sure you use the rom from netkas and flash it wit atiflash and the following commands: ATIFLASH -fa -fm -fs -fp -p 0 XFX5870.rom Assuming you renamed the rom that way and that the card is in the top pci-e port. Strangely I manage to hook up a working display on every port (DVI x2, HDMI, and the minidisplay one) at the same time. Even tough ATI says this can't be done, but that is under Windows, maybe OSX has a different approach on how to address the card.
  5. 5870 up and running 64 bit natively

    Hi all, here's how I got it working: GFX Card model used is Gigabyte HD5870 1024mb (but should work on any with the same specs as the XFX rom posted by netkas). Mind that before plugin in the card, I did the install with an old Nvidia 8500GT that was lying around. 1: Installed leohazard client (can be any distro, even retail if you use some [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] or something). 2: Installed Snow leopard server on top of it (because I need a server for my hosting projects). This is optional and not required in any way to make it work!! 3: Updated to 10.6.4 combo. 4: Installed Graphics Update. 5: Flashed the card with the XFX5870_1.rom from netkas blog with the latest ATIFlash from TechPowerup. 6: Placed the rom into /Extra/ with its bios name. In my case I had to name it 1002_6896.rom. 7: Installed Traumas boot9 found here http://redirectingat.com/?id=292X457&x...9646%26st%3D460. 8: Added UseAtiROM=yes to com.apple.boot.plist (mind the spelling, it didn't work at first because I used UseAtiRom at first, but rom HAS to be ROM, not Rom!!). I also added GraphicsEnabler=yes (not =y). 9: Added "-v" to com.apple.boot.plist to boot default in 64 bit mode and have an overview of what happens during boot. I rebooted with 2 screens connected to DVI ports, hoping it wouldn't get stuck, black screen and fans at 100%. BUT, no way, it booted straight away, 2 screens active, 64 bit mode!! I hooked up another display to the HDMI output and guess what, that also worked!! As did the mini display port!! I tried a couple of 3D apps and some game demo's and, man, it just rocks!! The fan speed adjusts accordingly, so no noise when in normal idle modes and gradually go's up as it should, slowing down when cooling off again. No more need of ATY_INIT!! And most of all, 64 bit mode works snappy!! Many thanks to netkas and Trauma for making this possible, they really saved me a lot of money!! I need a mac to run final cut studio 3, Logic Studio and the Adobe Master Collection CS5 and thanks to those guys and many others in the community I can now run it on my pc at not even half the price of a real mac pro with the same kind of performance. Hope this helps.
  6. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    Here's mine. Gonna try this with my Q6600 later on this week or next. benched.txt
  7. I don't get that error, mine sais sometimes if system doesn't reboot too fast a thing with intelcpu powermanagement. If I remove the kext stays still the same. None of the kernels work. 8.8.1 works no problems, but I wanna try the new one. Please advise!!
  8. You have to flash your card with a patched version of your version. Head over to the macvidia forums and you'll find a fixed rom there. I can guarantee you that it works!! Hope this helps you.
  9. JaS 10.4.9 Intel SSE3 Only Combo Update

    Well, that did NOT work for me and screwed up my whole system. Luckely I had a backup for my old kernel.
  10. JaS 10.4.9 Intel SSE3 Only Combo Update

    Is there no one who knows some kind of fix? I get kernel panic with apple.intelcpu.powermanagement or something in that genre. With both versions of the kernel. 8.8.1 works fine though. Are there some other files I can use or replace or ......? Please advise.
  11. Hi all, following this guide, I finally got a 100% working 7950GT under Mac OS X and it still boots under XP. I'll post an attachement with my rom file for those who want to try it. REMEMBER: Flashing your card can be dangerous if donu unproperly!! Do this at your own risk and don't forget that your warranty will void after doing so!! 7950GT.rom.zip
  12. JaS 10.4.9 Intel SSE3 Only Combo Update

    this update fails bigtime for me!! None of the two kernels work and I have to repair my disks to get OS X working again. So this is a no go for me. I'm running 8.8.1 kernel fine on 10.4.9 but the 8.9.1 just keeps rebooting my system. Anyone have an idea or solution for this?
  13. 7950GT 512MB working

    I don't see Geforce.kext in any folder? I only have the ones (see attachement)
  14. 7950GT 512MB working

    But still no QE? I wonder how it comes that Natit loads, but gives no QE? It is a 512Mb card and I just dropped Natit_Dual 0.02 in. See attached file for proof. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. D-Link DWL-G122 Rev. C1 working

    Get a D-Link DBT-120, they work natively without drivers and are very cheap. Greets.