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  1. Seriously, can someone mirror this please? I'm in need of it ASAP
  2. Well, I'm giving up, there's no way for me to run at a resolution greater than 1024x768.... Boot.plist does nothing, kernel flags do nothing as well. Also, any and all methods of getting the x1400 Mobility to work outside of standard VGA fails. I have tried what seems to be a dozen different methods posted on the forum. Sadly, I've received success with none of them. Most of the time, the instructions will say something like "Edit this file with something, ok reboot... IT WORKS OMG!" which is entirely devoid of any specific information regarding the task at hand I'm assuming the x1400 mobility just isn't supported at the moment, so I will run Linux or Windows until it is, I suppose.
  3. Ugh, and OSX goes from a gray apple logo to a FULL SCREEN OF BLACK AND GREY BARS and then to graphics corruption (color fuzz) and then all the fans come on.
  4. Oh my friggin God the mac os installer just erased all the partitions on my laptop Oh my god.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  5. AFAIK the Dell Inspiron will not boot OSX with Dual Core enabled in the BIOS.
  6. I would love to run OSX on my Dell e1505, but what's the point of running it if I can only use half of the processor's power? Am I missing something here? Do you think I should just wait until Dell notebooks are supported with dual core? I've been waiting to install OSX for almost a year or so, but now I'm reading that people are getting their x1400's and Sigmatel audio to work correctly... so tempted.
  7. Well, an update: Since purchasing my new PC, I have the following available and at my disposal: Athlon 64 3200+ (939) 1 GB DDR (PC3200 I think) 40 GB WD HDD ATI x1600 PRO 512MB PCI-E --or-- Geforce 7300 LE (Steals system memory) I know most of the hardware works already since I had used that same motherboard about a year ago (I believe, give or take a few months). Networking, onboard sound, the works,... Now I just have to get up off my butt and put the thing together! I need a nice 15" or 17" LCD, too.... a mac(hack!) in the kitchen would be nice. You know the saying about Apples and doctors and all...
  8. Weeeellll I'm running OSX smoothly on a 466mhz G4 so I think it's safe to say at least your processor will cut it (SSE3 on your P4? Check it for Rosetta) HDD Yes RAM yes Check your soundcard, those are buggers when it comes to drivers, IIRC Intel Graphics tend to have pretty good compatibility, but check the HCL on the wiki to be sure [EDIT] By "Yes" I mean "ok" not "Yes, you need an upgrade"
  9. Well, I'm considering plopping down a few hundred to build myself a neat little OSX box to compliment my main machine. I'm aware that the GMA 950 from Intel works very well, however, the GMA 950 does not support T&L and seems to be rubbish for larger 3D applications... So my questions are these: 1. What is the best (non-Intel based) graphics accelerator for OSx86? 2. Is OSx86 ready for Intel-OSX gaming? As in, Mac games with x86 binaries? (OpenGL) 3. Perhaps a PC graphics card could be modified at a firmware level to work better with OSx86? Thanks for the help all I love Macs, I just can't justify buying hardware that I can build myself for at least half the price.
  10. Here's my current set-up... Sorry for the picture distortion... my panorama stitching is very bad
  11. New xserves have x1300

    ...and maybe some x1300's ;D
  12. Dark_Elf did you get hardware accel with that method? QE, CI, etc etc?
  13. ATI Radeon Mobiliy X1400

    Can anyone tell me, before I go and partition my Dell laptop, if the boris method works on x1400 MOBILITY chipsets? I thought it worked with only x1600's and x1800's...
  14. Help with Resolution. Acer 5672, ATI X1400 card

    Ditto, looking for an x1400 mobility solution
  15. Hmm, the guys in the Adium IRC gave me a link to the Adium Beta, I installed that and it worked.