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  1. Just got iAtkos running on my n210 after accidentally deleting it a year ago. So glad to have OS X back on my PC

    1. treyhamilton25


      :) Congrats. Glad I could help you out. :)
  2. sjobsfan

    First timer seeking for advice

    I would suggest you focus on more important things than sleep and about the updating, try downloading the standalone combo updaters from the apple website. Don't jump from 10.5.4 to 5.8 in one update. Download all the updates consecutively. I know, its a pain, but if you really want it, you'll do it. Good luck. PS I would also suggest you at least upgrade to Snow Leopard, I've had much more success with it than Leopard.
  3. Sighh.....I wish I had never updated Snow Leopard past 10.6.5..

  4. I'm having the same issue. I installed it successfully about a year ago but I updated it too far and it broke my WiFi so i tried to reinstall but I have never been able to since. Any suggestions?
  5. Ok I'll post my card info soon, thanks. @ads-103 i've tried installing multiple versions of the kext and none of them have worked, but thanks for the suggestion .
  6. How can I find the device ID and subvendor info? (Srry for being such a newbie)
  7. sjobsfan

    Atheros AR9285? Fix?

    I don't know what that means either but I still may be able to help you. What version of Snow Leopard do you have?
  8. I have iAtkos S3 v2 installed on my Samsung n210 with an Atheros AR9285 WiFi card. I installed the IO80211Family Kext and WiFi was working fine until I tried to update. When I installed the 10.6.4 update everything was fine, but the real problems came with 10.6.5. The Airport icon in the menu bar at the top was blank and when I clicked on it, it said "No Airport Card Installed." I continued updating all the way to 10.6.8 hoping that the kext would be compatible with one of the updates, but no. I then spent a whole day searching for a fix, but no luck. Can anyone help me??? I would really appreciate a fix, because my Hackintosh is not really useful without WiFi and I need 10.6.8 because of the Mac App Store, Safari 5.1, and other compatibility reasons, so downgrading isn't an option. Thank you so much!!!
  9. sjobsfan

    Facetime Issue on Snow Leopard OSx86

    I have the same problem. I'm using a built in webcam so its not your camera. How did you get facetime?
  10. sjobsfan

    [N210] Snow Leopard

    Oh right, thanks for your help! I'll try using NBI soon.
  11. sjobsfan

    [N210] Snow Leopard

    Thanks and which version of NBI did you use?
  12. sjobsfan

    [N210] Snow Leopard

    So you actually got the resolution working, great! I tried using Meklort's NBI and it caused a kernal panic. Do you think it's because I have 10.6.3 instead of 10.6.4 like you? How did you set up NBI?
  13. sjobsfan

    [N210] Snow Leopard

    I have a question, I am running Mac OS X 10.6.3 using iAtkos S3 v2 on my n210. What is your resolution? I am stuck at 800 X 600 and I know that there is basically no support for the GMA 3150.
  14. sjobsfan

    SwitchResX On GMA 3150?

    Haven't yet. I even tried installing the GMA 950 kext with no luck. Now I'm trying Netbook Bootmaker by Meklort. Hope it works!
  15. For anyone who uses a modified distro of OS X (iATKOS, iDeneb, iPC, etc.) this is a guide to change the default wallpaper that you see when you are logging in which usually says the name of your distro. NOTE: This has only been tested on iDeneb v1.3 Leopard 10.5.5. I'm pretty sure it would work everywhere, but I can't be certain. Here's the guide: Step 1: Pick out the picture you would like to use and download it. I used the Andromeda Galaxy Lion wallpaper. Step 2: Copy the picture. Step 3: Log in to root. Step 4: Paste the picture in /System/Library/CoreServices Step 4: Look around for a file called DefaultDesktop.jpg Step 5: Move it to the trash. Step 7: Rename the picture that you picked out to DefaultDesktop.jpg Step 8: Log out of root and enjoy! Hope this worked for you! This is my first tutorial so reply with any questions or just tell me if it worked.