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  1. Edimax recently upgraded their EW-7811Un driver to include El Capitan. It works for me, but after about 5mb of download (10 minutes surfing or 2 minutes youtube) the 14mb/s internet turns to almost 0 - so slow pages don't actually load. I don't get this problem wth my Asus N600 - but the Edimax is sooo much smaller. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. First of all, I would Vanilla install rather than hazard. Then search around. I believe a Kext for Intel should be ready by now, if not switch the card. I had shutdown/sleep working, but then again I did a Vanilla install. Hazard is probably messing with the system - for example universal Sleep kexts do not work (or at least not when I built this hackint0sh) with this model.