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  1. marctew2003

    Lion on Atom Processor

    I think mine is a 330? Any way of checking?
  2. marctew2003

    Lion on Atom Processor

    Hi, TeaTeam posted a modified 10.7 kernel for the Atom processors in another category. Anyone had any experience with it here? Or any one tried any other methods to install Lion to an atom processor? Im just backing up my 10.6.8 and then I will be trying it! Cheers Stumbling block...Lion installer will not let me go past the initial screen as I do not have a C2D processor. Any ideas?
  3. marctew2003

    Acer A150/ZG5 10.6 Updating HELP!

    Hi, I currently have a vanilla install of 10.6.0 on my Acer A150 and I would like to update through to 10.6.8 and then onwards to 10.7 Lion. Can someone talk me through this as I have trawled the net and tried numerous things but cannot seem to get past the kernel panics I get after applying the combo update. All help will be MOST greatly appreciated and will be collated into a complete guide which I will post back onto the forum. Cheers! Marc