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  1. Not entirely what HP is saying... I plugged in an HP-branded 802.11N mini-PCI card (from an NC6915) into an NC6400, and still got the wonderful "104" error at boot! ARGHH! Oddly enough, the NC6915 *did* accept the wireless card from the NC6400... Regardless, HP has a *very* short list of supported wireless cards for their laptops! If anyone knows about bios patches for the NC6400, please send me an email via InsanelyMac.com!! There are a number of bios editors, including some great bios editor toolkits, including the Phoenix Bios Editor Pro, but none support the HP business notebooks (I've downloaded the latest bios toolkit!) In the meantime, I'll check out the bios fix link...
  2. Yeah, It's annoying. That darned internal NIC. Keeps showing zero's for its MAC address. Fed up? I've tested this and it works. In fact, I'm writing this entry via my USB Ethernet. If you're stuck, consider this as a cheap alternative - they are usually about 20 to 30 bucks, depending on where you buy them! After getting 00:00:00:00:00:00 for a MAC address on my Broadcom (*and* after attempting to change the MAC, use the original MAC, modify countless .plist files, deal with numerous OSX 'Halt' errors, and a ton of other {censored}) I decided to use the darn USB Ethernet. Initially it didn't work, but grab the driver from this site (includes source code!): http://www.sustworks.com/site/news_usb_ethernet.html And install the 10.4+ version, then reboot. Plug in your adapter. It should just 'work'. If you aren't using the "Automatic" network profile (or if it doesn't work), do the following: In Leopard: Go into the Sys Prefs applet, then Network. Click the "Plus" sign (bottom left), then choose the second "Ethernet" entry in the list. This is assuming you were able to initialize the internal Ethernet, but had problems. Officially Supported Hardware (taken from their site): 3COM 3C460B Belkin F5D5050 D-Link DSB-650 D-Link DSB-650TX D-Link DUB-E100 D-Link DUN-E100 Farallon Netline PN796-650 Kingston KNU101TX LinkSys USB10TX LinkSys USB100TX LinkSys USB200M NetGear FA120 (My Adapter) SMC 2209USB/ETH If your device isn't on the list, fear not! Most USB Ethernet adapters WILL work because they follow an industry standard! Enjoy, Steve EDIT: (by macgirl). Also the new apple adapters (for the MacBook Air) work with 10.5.2 EDIT 2: (by macgirl). To make this more clear apple adapters (for the MacBook Air) is the Apple USB to Ethernet http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...part=MB442Z%2FA But it needs AppleUSBGigEthernet.kext only available after 10.5.2 update. EDIT 3: (by macgirl). It appears that the Apple USB to Ethernet adapter has different chipsets, I bough mine on the online Apple Store and it uses the AppleUSBEthernet.kext instead of the AppleUSBGigEthernet.kext tha others reported.

    Based on your disk config: disk1s5 You need to type 2 (for disk1) , then 5 (for s5). It's a cardinal/ordinal thing Hope that helps. S