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  1. OS X VRAM in Workstation 11

    For use Graphic memory like this image you must use Machine Hardware Compatibility 11.0 After upgrade my old VM with 10.10 get error: VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0) vcpu-0:VERIFY vmcore/vmm/main/physMem_monitor.c:1123 Add in cnfig file smc.version = "0" svga.graphicsMemoryKB = "2097152" now VM working but see only 40 Mb of video ram. Any ideas?
  2. only 128 MB after runing VM it's automaticaly change to svga.autodetect = "FALSE" svga.vramSize = "134217728" Any suggestions?
  3. Try change svga.autodetect = "FALSE" and use all this value: svga.vramSize = "16777216" #VRAM 16MB svga.vramSize = "33554432" #VRAM 32MB svga.vramSize = "67108864" #VRAM 64MB svga.vramSize = "134217728" #VRAM 128MB svga.vramSize = "268435456" #VRAM 256MB svga.vramSize = "536870912" #VRAM 512MB work only 16-128MB. Host have x7970 with 3072 MB, video memory. Don't work, only 128MB maximum.
  4. How change VRAM size for VMware SVGA video adapter in VMware Workstation 8? Try to edit .vmx of my VM svga.autodetect = "TRUE" svga.vramSize = "536870912" Only 128 MB available. How get all 256MB?
  5. Try Mammoth DVxt Boot CD v1.15a from 2011-02-05 on DV9000 (DV9700) - every time get error Can't find mach_kernel
  6. I install MacOS X 10.7.2 Lion in VMware, How change VRAM size from 128 Mb to more? Video adapter - VMware SVGA 2. Thank's
  7. Please help. How I can change VRAM size for VMware SVGA II video adapter? Sorry for offtop.
  8. Help with Aperture 3 on Mac OS X Lion 10.7 for VMware. When I'll try to run Aperture 3 get: "Error the installed graphics card does not meet the minimum requiments for Aperture" In Aperture 1.5 hardware checks are there: 0xb548 40 9E 00 88 -> 48 00 00 88 0xb5e4 40 9E 00 88 -> 48 00 00 88 0xf6b8 40 9E 00 D8 -> 48 00 00 D8 or Tweak the Info.plist if required in order to remove or reduce the CPU MHz limit, and then open up /Applications/Aperture.app/Contents/MacOS/Aperture file in 0xED and jump to the offset 0x6f9a80 and change the text in right hand pane from performRequirementsCheck to performLicenceCheck and then add five hex 0x00 in the left hand pane to make the strings equal length.