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  1. Clover Success Story

    Interesting. Well done OP. I got same spec as you... Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3P (rev 1.0) Intel i7 2700K Sandy Bridge 3.5Ghz Nvidia GTX 680 I'm thinking, when shall I make a move? TBH I can't even relax and focus lately so I'm gonna try it sometime in the future.
  2. Same here! Many thanks guys!
  3. UPDATE: I done it! Thank you Daniel. Running 10.6.5 for about a week now. Loving it. My B202 is performing far better and looks sexy with Mac OS X than it did with WinXP or... Linux... Ugh, Linux. Don't get me started. I played around with Ubuntu 11.04, Linux Mint 11 and Fedora 15. All had various annoying problems that would drive you absolutely nuts, e.g. poor performance of Adobe Flash Player being one problem that, at least to my knowledge, nobody in the Linux community has figured out. Anyway, apart from the JMicron JMC250 ethernet LAN not working, everything else seems to be working great, including AirPort with my B202's own Atheros AR9285 wireless adapter (using this Atheros kext). Now there is just one problem (Daniel please come back!): how to update to 10.6.8 without breaking anything?
  4. dell d610 hackintosh using iatkos 10.5.5

    Follow this guide for D610.
  5. hi, have you tried following this guide?
  6. Feels like I'm the last person to find out that I could turn my EeeBox B202 into a Mac Mini. My B202 came with JMicron JMC250 ethernet and Atheros AR9285 wireless network adapters. If these two parts are a problem, I'm not sure how I'm going to do the upgrade part to 10.6.5. Will the Atheros AR9285 wireless adapter work under SL 10.6.0? And I don't even have access to a 2nd PC or let alone a Mac. I have ordered some parts, e.g. extra 1Gb DDR2 SODimm, a 16Gb USB Flash pen, a 16Gb SDHC card, a copy of Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail DVD and an external USB DVD burner. Will have these items in 2 days time, hopefully. I just hope I succeed because, in my utter frustration, to help me make the USB installer for ease of installing Snow Leopard, I nearly bought a used macbook pro for £500 on ebay. Please do give me some tips or advice as I really need it. Cheers!