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  1. Hello; I have Sapphire hd4650 512 mb. graphics card. I updated my Snow Leopard installation to Lion successfully but i haven't QE/QC. Any solutions for this card ?
  2. jas 10.4.8 sapphire x1950pro pci full working. thanx for effort
  3. hi; i have geforce fx5750 pcie card. i'm running on 10.4.8/semthex kernel 9. i installed titan kext but i can't get true display. my start log shown graphics card but i can't use Core Image and Quartz Extreme. Feb 25 07:51:18 localhost kernel[0]: Apple16X50ACPI1: Identified Serial Port on ACPI Device=UAR1 Feb 25 07:51:18 localhost kernel[0]: Apple16X50UARTSync1: Detected 16550AF/C/CF FIFO=16 MaxBaud=115200 Feb 25 07:51:18 localhost kernel[0]: Titan: By omni, built November 4, 2006 Feb 25 07:51:18 localhost kernel[0]: Titan: Testing for NVidia card... Feb 25 07:51:18 localhost kernel[0]: Titan: Found NVIDIA GeForce PCX 5750 Feb 25 07:51:18 localhost kernel[0]: Titan: All set, cross your fingers! but i can't change resolutions and use other display options
  4. Graphical issues

    i removed all geforce* and nv* files under extensions folder, restarted comp. and voila!!! all graphics issues gone thanx for help. at last i only need a working pcie fx5750 driver for perfect hackintosh.
  5. hi; i have a fx5750-pcie card. i downloaded Natit_Uni_1.0.pkg and installed. my comp. restarted and going black screen. i also tried other drivers and solutions but i can't get any result. i tried dvi and vga ports but no luck. i working on 10.4.8 and semthex kernel beta8. anyone using this card or shown a solution? (sorry for my engrish)
  6. Graphical issues

    i have a pcie fx5750 and same problems here. my old osx86 installation (10.4.1) had been working without any problems but when i installed 10.4.8 (beta8) buum any solutions? (i tried all titan/natit and other drivers but i can't get true display. damn pcie and poor fx5750)