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  1. Many thanks for the pointers splonk, antikus
  2. Thanks for the tips Splonk Sounds like SATA port 5 (which I connect to the ODD, i think) could be causing the boot issue then. I want to keep the ODD, but the lack of boot is a bit of a deal breaker... I'm going to try the F12 at boot trick you mention and see if that helps. If it doesn't I might just pick up a SATA card and run the ODD to that, what do you think? Might also try to stuff an SSD in there to replace my slow boot disk, so the SATA card could come in handy for that Any knowledge on the software RAID 5 front in terms of performance? Or, do you know if anyone's figured out how to get hardware raid running under SL?
  3. Hi All Had my microserver a couple of months now and i'm running the following: DVD in 5.25" bay (toshiba 2 x 2TB in RAID 1 1 x 1TB as backup disk 1 x 250GB (50% partition for windows server 2008, 50% spare for hackintosh when I get round to it) 5GB memory It's in need of some TLC and i've hit some walls and could do with some pointers... Sorry if the questions have been asked before Is 6450 gfx really worth the addition to the server? Anyone using onboard to do all the heavy video lifting? I run XBMC on the onboard GFX and it's fairly snappy, but uses a fair chunk of CPU to render 720p. WIll a 6450 help the situation, what cpu usage could I expect for 720/1080p? Anyone have issues booting from CDROM? I've had problems booting from USB and CDROM since i got the server, seems to be intermittant. It could be my 2006 CD-Rom drive or maybe something to do with the bios talking over IDE to it? Any ideas if the Russian bios mod might help out here? What sort of speed can I expect over the esata port if I were to bios mod it? Anyone using an external ESATA expansion for it yet? Seeing as i'm using a port to connect up the cdrom, will I need a SATA expansion card if I want to install a 5th drive (ssd)? Anyone using RAID 5 on Snow Leopard hackintosh? Just wondering if there's a performance overhead. Do you have examples of throughput? I've heard under windows server that raid 5 is slow unless there is lots of spare RAM, does same apply here and will 5GB suffice, you recon? Dual Booting with windows server okay? I've used EasyBCD under windows before and it has an option to add osx to the windows boot device listing... would this be sufficient to finalise the install? Just looking through the initial post by Janitor... any ideas if it's been updated (I can't tell by looking at time stamps)... just wondering if following this original guide is a good idea or if there might be an updated version floating about round tinternet somewhere? Sorry for the newbie questions, i've not built a hackintosh box before so i'm a little nervous about changing things around! Cheers Sunny
  4. Thanks Splonk. I'll probably still go for it and make sure not to push the system too hard, in that case Any idea if I can install SL after Windows, btw?
  5. Hi Janitor Thanks for the heads up. I'll be hunting down 6450 then, will hopefully fit!! I got frustrated today and ended up installing windows 2008 server because my usb hd wasn't working as a bootable with 10.6.7 loaded. Not sure what the problem is but it wouldn't boot with an error like, remove all disks. I didn't have a dual layer DVD for SL so ended up burning windows server, which worked! Hopefully I can figure out what the problem is with the USB install method. So you know if I can install SL after Windows is loaded on the primary partition? Soz for the newbie questions, bud!! Cheers Sunil
  6. Hi Guys Janitor - awesome guide dude. I'm building my box tonight, should be fun anyone know if we could use a low profile 6450 instead of the 5450 mentioned in the post? Not sure if power consumption was the reason that 5450 was picked? Also, anyone just running on the integrated 4200? Is the procedure to install with that similar? Cheers Sunil