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    Atheros AR5005(G)

    /library/systemconfiguration/networkinterfaces.plist I can't find this file, I've done all the things list here, using the last zip instead of the original mac updates.. can you post here the config file?
  2. xantek

    Yashi problem during installation

    ok,work with the chain0 methods, don't recognize the wifi cards(D-Link Airplus G) so i completely offline.. and gave me a playback error with dvdvideo.. but for it works just fine, now i must make my wifi card works..
  3. xantek

    Yashi problem during installation

    I just finish installed a 10.4.6, now i search for a bootloader like gag or grup because i installed osx past the 1024 sector, I keep you informed .
  4. xantek

    Yashi problem during installation

    I tried different method of boot up, tried with mach_kernel -x -v platform=X86PC "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32@75" (dvd says that I've a vesa 3.0) but it reboot just after writing Starting OSX[i cant read because is too fast] .. just before loading the frame buffer device and changing resolution..
  5. Hello, I've a 10.4.8 patched version of Mac os and i would install on my desktop PC, so I create a new partition and rebooted with the installation DVD, but my PC just restart when loading the unix system without write the error and before loading the UI, so i check the DVD on a friend 's laptop and it can reach the installation UI :sbav: I checked in the HCL and i can't find what the problem is, so I hope someone good here could leave me a hand in this my adventure.. btw, sorry for my english but is not my native language. HWINFO32 report that I've this hardware: motherboard /Chipset: DFI K8M800(-MLVF) INFINITY / VIA K8M800-K8N800 CE+ VT8237® processor : Sempron 3100+ Graphics card: nVidia GeForce4 MX 4000 (NV18) AGP 8x 128Mb DDR SDRam audiocard: via ac97 and I can see that the motherboard is supported, the cpu have the sse2 extension so is *should* be supported I think the problem is the Graphic card, someone could help me?