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  1. I have been trying to install Snoe Leo onto my NC10. I use the 10.6.3 retail on a USB key and replaced OSInstall as well as OSInstall.mpkg with modified versions for use with an MBR partition. Now the install begins but doesn't progress after about a minute of two, with 28 minutes left to install but nothing happens then. I have no clue why this happens but it keeps happening when I try again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. here's some more info in case I haven't been specific enough: the installer log's last note before the freeze/crash is "cannot make disk bootable at all." I really want to get this Netbook to run OS X, and I've googled this but didn't find anything useful, so please help me folks! Thanks!
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    NC10 2011 Dual Install W7+10.6.2 error

    thank you. that is the exact info I needed. Will go the distro way.
  3. hi everyone. I have been trying to install Snow Leo onto my NC10 but always got stuck at one point. I'd like to leave the already installed Win 7 on its partition and install OS X to another partition. The installer refuses to install to that partition though, even after formatting it with disk utility and setting it to active and primary in partition manager. Am I using the wrong DVD (OS X 10.6.2 retail) or is it impossible to go that way without formatting the entire HD? Your help is greatly appreciated.
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    Introduce yourself.

    hi hello and guten tag. Samsung NC10 owner (as well as a 1.8 Dual G5) and trying to get it run OS X. Good to know this is a capable community here.