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  1. [Guide] ML Install Guide for Lenovo G580

    Well, I finally had the time to sit down and work on my wife's Lenovo G580 20150. After a weekend of work(literally) I have a almost completely working hackintosh G580, even the wifi since the 20150 has the atheros ar9285. The only thing that is not working is the camera and the USB ports will not detect a flash drive. I changed out the IOUSBFamily kext at the beginning and I have a feeling that has something to do with it. If I hook up a usb mouse or keyboard they work perfectly, so any ideas?? EDIT: using USBBusFix=Yes flag the camera works and the usb ports work fine with usb KB and mouse, but still will not work with a USB flash drive even with the boot flag.
  2. [Guide] ML Install Guide for Lenovo G580

    Did EB break sleep?
  3. [Guide] ML Install Guide for Lenovo G580

    Is anyone dual booting their G580 with the original Windows 8 install??
  4. [Guide] ML Install Guide for Lenovo G580

    Are the usb 3.0 ports working at 3.0 speeds and working with usb 2.0 as well?
  5. [Guide] ML Install Guide for Lenovo G580

    @vcrman what bios did you get? Just curious.
  6. [Guide] ML Install Guide for Lenovo G580

    @vcrman my bios is 5ECN92WW(v8.04) Has anyone else got a g580 with the ar9285 card?
  7. [Guide] ML Install Guide for Lenovo G580

    @vcrman I've played around with the laptop for a little bit and I honestly have no complaints about the trackpad whatsoever. The response seems to be perfectly fine as far as I'm concerned. I've already got it powered down for the night, but ill post my bios version tomorrow since you were asking about it.
  8. [Guide] ML Install Guide for Lenovo G580

    I picked up the g580 yesterday and it actually has the ar9285 wireless card. I remember the one hackintosh I've done in the past I had a ar9285 card and had no issues. So, am I correct In saying with this g580 having the ar9285 that everything should work fairly well then, wifi included? It's my wife's birthday present so I didn't want her to have to repeatedly deal with issues. Thanks!
  9. Acer aspire 5750

    Any chance you can post or message me a break down of what components it uses?? From what I've found on it so far it seems to be perfect. But, sounds like itd keep me busy though!!
  10. Acer aspire 5750

    Did you ever get anywhere with this?? I was just looking at the same laptop and it seemed to be perfect!
  11. Asus 1005hab (works for 1005ha) Snow Leopard Install Guide

    Thanks for the guide! The 1005HAB makes for a great hackintosh IMO. What would be the correct process of upgrading Chameleon?? Everything I have read seems to indicate that RC5 is more Windows friendly. I plan on dual booting mine, so I think upgrading Chameleon would help possibly. Is there any known issues that upgrading to RC 5 would cause??