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  1. Hi Guys. First post and believe I'm in the right place to get an answer. So I have been working with macs a long time (graphic designer by trade) and have a G5 at home. I also have 4 laptops all pc. One in each of the kids rooms (2) one downstairs and my own personal one. I have just set my G5 up as a server (Leopard - 10.5) to host my shared drives with music, movies pics etc that I want all laptops to be able to access. I have created users on the server for everyone and set up permissions on what they can access. I have shared the drives I need aswell. I have myself set as admin and just want read access for everyone else. I currently have a modem/router and all machines are connected to the router including the server. Now my problem. How do I actually access these accounts from my different pcs? I can see the server on all laptops. I need to be able to login as these accounts I have created but It never asks me and all I can see is just the standard public folders at the moment on all machines. I want all laptops to be prompted for a password. Enter their password and only access what I have allocated them to access.....? I would appreciate your help. Thanks