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  1. Thanks for this post. i have a Notebook with 5 partions and windows 7 installed on partion 1. i want to install Mac os X Lion on my partion 2.is this possible? what i must do?can i select Disk utility in Mac Setup screen and Erase partion 2 with Mac OS Extended(journaled) and Setup the the Mac Lion and after that install the Chameleon_2.0_RC5_r1083.pkg on partion 2? is this Correct? after this how can i force system to boot with Chameleon to select the Win7 or Mac?! Thanks
  2. net2meeting

    Install Mac os x Lion on HP Envy

    Hi. i recently tried to Install Mac OS X 10.7 Lion On my HP Envy.but something is wrong with that! can any body help me? always this screen appear.(below pic) i also tried these: PCIRootUID=1 and CPU=1 busratio= 19 20 .... and somethin like these but Always that screen appear! in 6 months last i also tried Mac 10.6 but No success! i think there is somethin wrong with my Bios setup.i attached my Bios setup.please have a look at them and tell me to solve the problem. Please help me . Thanks. :thumbup: My HP Envy 14 hardware is: CPU:Core i7 720 Ram:8 GB Graphic card:ATI 5650 see these pics [/size]