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  1. [Survey] Sleep, Wake, Restart, Shutdown

    Motherboard: Intel DP35DP Kernel: native, 9.2.2 (No reboot) Kernel - NetKas - Reboot OK. Sleep: native Wake: Wake with power button but no video (so, NO WAKE) Restart: Patch Shutdown: native Stravaganza, You think adding other information like the build, memory and video card wouldn't help? This way people can find out exactly what works what so that anyone can look at this complete info to put together a new 'Working' System. Cheers!!
  2. After removing the GeForce 6200 LE and replacing it with GeForce 7300 GT, I get a black screen with a mouse pointer. I can move the mouse, and ssh into the box from another computer. How do I enable the correct drivers for this new card? Thanks!
  3. DP35DP Leopard install?

    Andy, I have the same board, I used Kalyway with 10.5.2 udpate + SMBios, Audio worked after patch. Lan doesn't work. I am using a Realtek based NIC. All updates from Apple, no issues. Only problem I am having is sleep. The machine doesn't wake up properly. Nothing shows up on the monitor and not network activity (can't ping) My Video card is 6200LE. HTH
  4. Intel DP35DP does not wake up (no Video)

    Thanks lanxxx, but I couldn't find the efi string for this card. I am contemplating getting a video card that others have been successful with. btw, S1 doesn't work either. Same issue. Do you think it is the graphic card? Any suggestions on a card? perhaps 7300GT? Cheers!!
  5. Mobo - Intel DP35D (latest bios 401) Proc - Core 2 Quad 6600 Memory - OCZ DD2 800Mhz 2x2 - 4GB (shows up a 667) Video - GeForce 6200 LE (256Mb) Disk - SATA 300 GB DVD - SATA internal DVD Lan - Realtek nic Audio - Patched, working (no input) Vanilla kernel works, but restart doesn't work so I have NetKas patched kernel running. I have everything working, (Kalyway EFI_v8+ 10.5.2 update +SMbios update and NetKas Kernel) except when the computer comes back from sleep, I have no video, I can't ping the box and eventually I end up with a cold reboot. I am a noob, any ideas on how to get this board support sleep? Bios settings are default except - SATA - ACPI, Lan disabled, ACHI - S3 Thanks!!
  6. Wake up from USB Keyboard/Mouse?

    joeydg, take a look at changing the Video drivers. Your wake function is hanging because of the video card.
  7. callisto files

    Hello Gurus, I have been trying to find the callisto files for the past four hours with no luck. Can someone please PM me the location to e-mail me at raj @ chackos.com; Thanks in advance for your help. System - ECS P4M800PRO-M, P4, 3Ghz, IGb DDR 400, Ati Radeon 9500 Pro.