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  1. Virtualization is enabled on both machines - the one that works and the one that doesn't. It's the same CPU family so the options are the same. Besides, another Mac OS works on my home PC (where the subject doesn't start). Is there any way to enable debug log oir something, to see what exactly is failing?
  2. Could someone at least advise me a better forum to ask this, please? I really want that Mountain Lionto work! it works so well and I have it fully set up...
  3. I have a VMWare OS X 10.8 machine at work and it works great. It even survived migrating between different PCs no problem. Now I've taken it home, but it won't boot here. All I see is the Apple logo appearing, and in half a second it reboots and starts over. I have exatly the same VMWare 8 build at home and at work. The CPU is i5-2600k at work and i5-2500 at home. Any ideas what's wrong and how I can fix it?